The Depressed Fairy Tale Essay

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The movie Cinderella Man by director Ron Howard is the story of James Braddock, A lightweight boxer with a great lifestyle and family who gets hit with the depression. When the stock market crash his lifestyle, and the lifestyle of millions of other people, is drastically changed for the worse. Now when he can he works at the docs moving goods and other merchandise to make just enough money for his family to be able to afford to eat ,get heat and get electricity. However by being given a second chance to be able to box again he manages and persevere and go against all odds to become an important figure to the average man in the great depression. Through this movie we see how the economic and social conditions of the depression worsened, how James and Mae were effected by the depression and what kind of characteristics James and Mae had to have to be able to endure and get through their economic hardship.
During the depression social and economic times reached an all time low and kept worsening. People were losing their houses and all their belongings which completely turned their life around. This resulted in people doing anything to satisfy their family or themselves. There was a lack of jobs, people were drinking, stealing and the harsh times were crating tension between family members. These were all shown in the movie as we see Howard stealing food to not be sent away somewhere else, or when Mike Wilson is seen drunk and fighting with his wife. We see the joblessness through many people such as James, Mike and even in Joe. The family tensions are seen with James and Mae with their fighting over James's boxing or Mike and his wife when he is drunk. These were all factors that contributed to peoples miserable lives and general unhappy nature.
James Braddock Is no different than any other man. These times are especially hard on him because his lifestyle changed much more drastically than most other people. During the depression Braddock endures a lack of food and resources, tension between him and his wife, an over drastic change in lifestyle, and his family almost breaking apart. We see his lack of food and home needs when they are having trouble with food and his son steals and...

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