The Description Of Lysteria In Norton Times Darton State College/English Essay

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Fre'Keliah Stamper
World Lit I
Essay 3
18 October 2017
Topic #4
Lysistrata is an Athenian lady who is tired and tired of the war and the treatment of ladies in Athens. Lysistrata assembles the ladies of Sparta and Athens together to illuminate these social ills and discovers achievement and power in her mission. Lysistrata is minimal ladylike of the ladies from either Athens or Sparta, and her manliness causes her pick up regard among the men. In the story of Lysistrata was trying to set the standards for women by boycotting certain acts. She felt as if the women should go on a sex strike against their men or husbands at the time. She asked, "why do men insist on pursuing this "futile war", for which none of them can give a reasonable justification." (Volume A, pg.825). The play raises similarly important questions about the social position of women. Elite women rarely left the house except for funerals or religious festivals, and women had no political rights because they were not citizens and they could not vote. Basically overall, Lysistrata convinced all the women to go on a sex strike against their husbands in hopes of ending the war.
Towards the beginning, she is anticipating the ladies of Athens and Sparta to appear. She is sitting tight for these ladies since she needs to disclose to them her guile design of how she will approach finishing the war. "When asked what the women will do, she explains that they will treat politics just as they do wool in their household". (Volume A, pg.824). The ladies from Sparta and Athens at last show up and appear to ask Lysistrata to reveal to them what her answer is. They say that they will do anything that she inquires. Lysistrata discloses to them her arrangement and in any case the ladies appear to be extremely reluctant....

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