The Desire Of Your Heart Constitutes Your Prayer And Night Mother

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There are many theological connections in theater. Sometimes these connections are hidden. Other times these connections are very obvious and more evident. St. Augustine’s, “The Desire of Your Heart Constitutes Human Prayer”, he speaks about the humans’ concealed anguish and constant moaning of desire. Both the humans’ concealed anguish and moaning of desire can be illustrated in the two plays, “Andre’s Mother” and in “’Night, Mother.”
“Andre’s Mother” is a play about a young man of a different sexual orientation who dies. This young man, Andre, died of AIDS. The play takes place in a park, Central Park most preferably, in New York. The people present at this location are Cal, Andre’s significant other, Penny, who is Cal’s younger sister, Arthur, who is Cal’s Dad, and last but not least, Andre’s mother, who remains nameless throughout the entire play. In the park, these most likely beloved members of Andre are holding what seems to be like a funeral ceremony for Andre. It is not being held in a church nor is it on the same grounds as one. They are all holding white helium filled balloons on a string. These balloons symbolized Andre’s soul. They were to each release the balloons as a symbol of them letting go and letting his soul ascend to heaven, “[b]reaking his last earthly ties” (McNally, p. 50). Toward the end of the scene, Arthur and Penny have released their balloons. The only balloons left to be released are Cal’s and Andre’s Mother. Arthur and Penny leave Andre alone with Andre’s Mother. He says that he’s not ready to let go yet. There in the park Cal speaks with, or to, Andre’s Mother, expressing how he feels toward he and he does so speaking on Andre’s behalf. It seems like it is more on his behalf though because in actuality, Cal does not know the woman that is Andre’s Mother. He only knew of her by the little to no description that he was given of her by Andre, though this was no real description at all. The most Andre ever said that could even relate to her description was that when he was sad, he’d said that he was “[j]ust a little homesick,” seeing as he was from the country, and that he was afraid to tell his mother that he was of the homosexual orientation. (McNally, p. 51)
The most significant piece of this play is what Cal says to Andre’s Mother when he speaks to her. He tells starts out by stating,
“I wish I knew what you were thinking.” (McNally, p. 50)
Right away with this statement he has given Andre’s Mother God-like qualities. As he continues to speak, he says how she doesn’t know him and the little he knows of her is only from Andre. He tells her about how Andre did not want to tell her that he was gay and had AIDS because he was afraid of hurting her and more importantly, her disapproval. The fact that he was afraid of her disapproval shows another example of how Andre’s Mother is being given God-like qualities.
“She’s your mother. She won’t mind.” Said Cal to Andre referring to Andre’s Mother (McNally, p. 50)...

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