The Destruction Of Black Civilization Essay

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The history of Black people is based solely on migrations. Despite what is depicted in books, the migrations were relatively small. After a hundred years, most groups were not more than 100 miles from their original location. The slow movements also apply to those who migrated farthest; eventually these migrations were accelerated by the institution of slavery. The now speedily tidal waves of Black people that stretched Africa came from the ancient Ethiopian Empire which was an area described to have great black concentration and the ?Land of the Blacks?, known as Sudan. Unfortunately, there were more refugees than there were areas to be settled, every area that was encountered on their journey was already settled by some other group that preceded them, sometimes by more than a couple of decades, centuries even. Among the traveling Africans, there were also non-Blacks that participated in their developments. ...view middle of the document...

Often you hear about how African was assimilated into Western culture, but rarely how African heritage was used to improve or replace most western traditions. Africa?s influence on Western and Asian culture should be recognized. But like most ethnicity groups that had ties to African culture, these whites eventually cut these ties and denied they ever existed.Enslavement would not have been so easy if it were not for the wide separation of Blacks. The areas they were forced to live in were far from ideal. These areas were thought to be so far into the interior, they were safe from all intruders. These oases were the very birthplaces for great civilizations, three of the best were Ghana, Mali, and Songhay. Each African Empire expanded through peaceful alliances and conquests. The largest cities and towns were in proximity of some source of water. It was a mixed and great economy which included from wheat to pottery. Besides its economies, African empires were known for their standing armies as well as their school systems. Two famous schools in African were at Kumbi-Saleh and Djenne.Along with the destruction of the Muslim capital, continuous raids by the Semitic nomads of the desert affected the stability and growth of the country as a whole. These two negative elements set off a chain reaction beginning at the dissatisfaction with the central government a decline in trade to religious conflicts. To add insult to injury, an increase in the death of the soil and then changes in climate followed. The same factors were the reason several other African civilizations collapsed. Some collapsed for different reason, like Ethiopia, Makuria, Alwa, Ghana, Mali, Songhay, and Kuba were destroyed as a direct result of first trading post footholds. Today there are different problems that rip apart what is left of African ways of life. The root to our problem is just that, our roots and our denial of them. It lies within self-abnegation, self-effacement, and the loss of self-identity. The denial of the previously mentioned roots breaks all links to history from which you gain a sense of being.

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