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The first day, when a mother gives birth to her child she will do everything with her ability to let her child have a fun childhood from that day forward. Also she will be a protective mother and guide her child to the right path. Eventually there will be time when the cultural barrier can affect the understanding between the child and mother. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan is about four mothers trying to teach their daughters a valuable lesson, which they do not understand. The mothers try to explain and teach their daughter all the hardship they have gone through and for them to learn this lesson, so they can prevent happening to them. The same time the mothers are mixing the American culture and Chinese principles, but they are unable to understand their mothers’ hardships and ignore their advice. The language hurdles, desire to belong, and cultural barrier affect the mother-daughter relationships, that the mothers cannot express the lesson towards their daughters because they do not understand.
Throughout the novel An-mei tries to teach her daughter to stand up for herself but the cultural barrier has affect Rose not to understand. Rose and Lena felt the idea they are not good enough but Rose “At first thought it was because [she] was raised with all this humility” then she blames her Chinese culture for her failure “because when you’re Chinese you’re supposed to accept everything” (170). The reason Rose felt her failure was the cause of the Chinese culture, is because being influence by the American culture she does not know what benefit the Chinese culture brought to her, but she only sees American culture is the success to her future. Also she sees the Chinese culture being in the way of her succeeding, this demonstrates how the cultural barrier has affected Rose not to understand that the Chinese culture actually is the key to her success. Even though Rose does not listen to her mother’s advice, but she begins to stand up for herself, “And the answer, the one that was important above everything else… ‘You can’t just pull me out of your life and throw me away’” (219). By the end Rose begins to realize what her mother has taught her, to stand up for herself. Rose being able to stand up for herself symbolize of her breaking the cultural barrier. Even though she does not see it but her changes like standing up for herself is a sign of her understanding her mother and the Chinese culture. Even though Rose dealt with many hurdles and obstacle to break the cultural barrier she begin to realize what her mother is trying to teach her, but Waverly too has the same situation but she approach and handling it differently.
Through the entire novel, Lindo only wants Waverly to have both the American and Chinese culture in her, but it did not turn out as Lindo wanted it to be. After seeing what her daughter turn into Lindo, feels “ashamed. because she is ashamed” and “she is not proud of [her]” (291). Lindo reflecting about her daughter and she is...

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