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The Cause Of Serial Killers Essay

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Serial killers are the byproduct of many different things: trauma, death of loved ones, abuse, neglect, adoption, and even witnessing abuse (Are Serial). Serial killers have had to endure a massive amount of something such as trauma or abuse to an unimaginable extent to become what they are; the extent of the abuse, the trauma, the psychological damage they endure is incomprehensible to many. The destruction of one’s innocence can occur at any given time in his or her life, but he or she is more impressionable in his or her youth by the negativism of someone else’s actions (Scott, Shirley L. What Makes Serial Killers Tick ~ Childhood Event). People are susceptible to what they endure in their adolescence, and cruel upbringings, such as that of a serial killer’s, are possibly the determinant of their future.
Many people encounter tragedies, trauma, abuse, and psychological damage in their life, but those who have said problems frequently, most likely evolve into serial killers later on in life. Statistics show that forty percent of people who withstand abuse in childhood develop into excessively abusive, violent, and sadistic criminals because they are burdened by problems for the rest of their existence (Nurturing). Generally, serial killers are violent and want to torture their victims. Those who were abused in their childhood rarely had any control over anything; as a result, in the future they want to dominate and inflict the same pain to their victim that they encountered in their youth; the dominance serial killers hunger for is usually presented through sexual abuse (Nurturing). In childhood, if one has abusive, manipulative, or irresponsible parents that neglect him or her at home, a part of his or her brain, which controls memories and emotions, becomes impaired (Nurturing).
Many serial killers are raised with what seems like translucent parents. If the parents fail to participate in the youth of their child, an excruciatingly influential part in one’s life, the outcome can be adverse. A prime example of this type of upbringing would be Jeffrey Dahmer. In his childhood, Dahmer’s mother abused pharmaceutical drugs and was emotionally withdrawn, his grandfather was an alcoholic, and his father was never around because he was too busy with work (Giannetakis). Dahmer’s mother had pregnancy issues and took several different drugs to help; his mother was also extremely depressed--after a while, his mother developed an addiction to the drugs and abused them severely, which is extremely pernicious to the health, both physical and mental, of a growing fetus (Giannetakis). While growing up, Dahmer enjoyed to be by himself. He often took walks into the woods near his house. He would find dead animals and examine their innards; although he liked to dismember dead animals, he didn’t wish to inflict pain onto any living creature (Giannetakis).
Dahmer lived with parents who would fight nearly all the time, parents that would neglect him, and parents...

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