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The Destructive Enemy. One Of The Stories I Wrote. Got To Do With Star Wars. Take A Read!!!

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I saw every moment of it. The red, bright laser blocked me from the most lethal fight between my superior master and the dark, deadly enemy. My master was fighting intensely and with all his might to defeat the deadly enemy. Each clash between the light sabers made me more and more anxious. I wanted the lasers to be turned off so I could make my move and kill the noxious enemy with the help of my master. The clashes got louder and louder in my ears when finally the deadly enemy slashed my master in half. The lethal enemy was revealed that he kill my master and started to loosen up and then started to wait for the laser to be switched off. I saw every drop of blood which poured of my dead master's body which made me more in enraged. The lasers turned off as I made my move to the deadly enemy. His mask shined with every clash with the two light sabers. I attacked him from every angle but every time he would block it. I saw the tiredness in him and the sweat dripping out of his face and I knew I would vanquish him and take revenge. He managed to use his physical strength and make me fall onto 0the floor and raced to the switch of the air door and pressed it. The air door opened as quick as lightning and the bright sunlight from the sun filled my eyes as I saw the deadly enemy shoot out. I raced to the door and saw him got onto a spaceship. I yelled in anger and stomped on my feat. I was go to make my way to the transportation. I took a last glance at my master. He was still lying down slashed in half. Every nerve in my body wanted to kill this deadly enemy. He killed my master who has thought me everything that I knew. I made my way through the gloomy corridor. I called my crew and told them to get the ship geared up. I finally arrived to my ship and saw the most striking ship. It had a glass panel where the cockpit was. A massive exhaust which was needed because of...

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this is a Short Story i wrote for an english task i got an A so feel free to us it as you wish and good luck with your assignment

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Sorry I didn't write anything I had to do this to read a story

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This is an essay I wrote for my Marketing class. It decribes everything that has to do with becoming a resturant manager

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Death in Young Gal’s Blues, One Day I Wrote Her Name, and Song on The End of the World

2001 words - 8 pages writing. The poem has a universal appeal which is unique and allows for more people to personally connect with it. There is no real set rhythm to the poem; it is more of a free verse explanation of the steps which will occur as the world ends. In fact, Hughes’ and Spenser’s poems are more of poetic style than Milosz’s. On the whole, I feel that the best poem is Edmund Spencer’s “One Day I Wrote Her Name Upon the Strand,” because it has a lot

I got a 94 on this one my teacher says that my explaination of the shinto and buddhist religions were quite precise

1547 words - 6 pages fireflies and every tree and bush could speak. Worship in Shinto is undertaken to express gratitude to the gods and to secure their continued favor. Worship may take the form of one of the many large communal festivals that occur at fixed times during the year, celebrating such events as spring planting, the fall harvest, or some special occasion in the history of a shrine. However, it may also be carried out privately in a much-abbreviated fashion in

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546 words - 2 pages . The liquid should go almost up to the top of the glass, leaving about a centimeter left.The final step in completing this work of perfection is to add the sliced apple wedge for a garnish. Simply cut a slit in the middle of the apple so it can rest on the rim of the martini glass easily. Slide the garnish on, and you're finished.This is one of the easiest and fastest drinks to make. It may take a few tries to get it down, but you should have no trouble mixing this to perfection. Believe me it will be well worth it in the end.

Madagascar Final Draft- This draft has been cheked over by a teacher and has gotten a A-. I hope this grade satisfise you when you don't have to do any work. This is my final draft that got the grade

562 words - 2 pages Madagascar is a big island off the southeastern coast of Africa. It is full of some rare and exotic animals that are only found in Madagascar. Madagascar is called The Republic of Madagascar and nicknamed "Land of the living fossil" because of its unusual plants and unusual plants and its unusual animals. Madagascar's capital is Antanarivo. Madagascar is composed of one big islands and a few smaller islands that are adjacent to the big island

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