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The Determination Of A Topic’s Scientific Status

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Science can be defined as a method for studying, gaining knowledge and understanding of the world. Students in elementary and secondary schools and beyond consider science to include the topics of biology, chemistry, physics, and etc. However an argument can be brought into consideration of what constitutes a topic to be thought of as a science. Throughout history, the idea of whether something is a science or not has changed. Astrology, for example, was once thought to be a science, but later was removed as science. Although astrology uses scientific knowledge to connect astronomical phenomena to events occurring on earth, there is no method available to test the theories that stem from ...view middle of the document...

Based upon the ideas provided by Popper, his solution to this issue on how a science is differentiated by the non-sciences is based upon its falsifiability and not on induction.
Instead of using induction, Popper relies on the alternative methods of deduction and falsifiability as a solution to the demarcation of what is and is not a science. He notices that induction creates a problem because it cannot be justified and under what conditions provide for those inductions to be justified (Curd et al. 2013, 406). Due to Popper’s opinion, each scientific theory has the ability to be verified and/or falsified; however it can never be confirmed. Since a theory can never be confirmed, the significance of when a theory is accepted is different. When a theory is recognized as being verified or falsified, it should occur after there has been many corroborations to support the theory or to refute it; unlike how it was believed that a theory should be acknowledge after rigorous testing over long periods of time. It is also noted that Popper maintained the thought that science should be regularly tested because theories have the possibility of being falsified (Curd et al. 2013, 7). If it was difficult to disprove the theory in that present time because certain technological advancements did not exist yet, then there would be a chance in the future to become falsified when the correct equipment is available.
In contrast to Popper’s view upon the issue of determining if an idea is a science or not, Thomas S. Kuhn presents an opposing view. Kuhn criticizes Popper about how falsified theories are dealt with. Kuhn states that Popper is “convinced that ‘growth’ occurs not primarily by accretion but by the revolutionary overthrow of an accepted theory and its replacement by a better one” (Curd et al. 2013, 12). According to Kuhn, there is...

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