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The Detrimental Affects Of Racism Essay

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The moral and ethical disparity plaguing a malevolent, revolutionizing society is the direct consequence of humanity’s desire to achieve supremacy entailing social paralysis through the formulation of stereotypical viewpoints concerning ethnicity, social classification, and physical characteristics including vernacular and traditional activities. Humankind’s quest for social equality is illustrated in various occurrences in history specifically the South African apartheid. The masterfully structured, fictional novel, Cry, the Beloved Country is authored by an anti-apartheid activist, Alan Paton, and depicts the physical, spiritual, and emotional expeditions of an Anglican Zulu priest, Reverend Stephen Kumalo and wealthy, landowner, James Jarvis, in discovering sadistic realities and resolutions for racial injustices with refined comprehension. Alan Paton’s utilization of literary and linguistic techniques consisting of distinct parallelism, dramatic irony, and lyrical dialect provides an authentic foundation for the exposition of the detrimental consequences of racial segregation indicating the necessity of firm resolve in synchronized human existence as the narrative is one of “love and hope, courage and endurance”.
The journeys of Absalom Kumalo and John Kumalo departing from the native lands of Ndotsheni to Johannesburg, a modern European society, correspond to the corruption and poignant conditions South Africans faced during apartheid. Stephen states, “He [Absalom] went away, to look for my sister” (54). Paton primarily portrays Absalom as morally sensible individual with exceptional capabilities with the potential to further his education; however, as a genuine and compassion spirit, he elected locate his aunt in an unfamiliar territory. The triumph of personal apprehension is fundamental symbolization of courage the Africans challenge to attain an enhanced livelihood. Upon arrival in Johannesburg, Absalom encompasses unsullied motives; however, subsequent to accomplishing his goal, becomes a criminal performing upon impulses provided by an unrestricted environment depicting a component of the European liberating lifestyle. The representation of the native’s inability to obtain jurisdiction, unconsciously formulated upon naivety, concerning superficially-beneficial, internally corrupt entities allows the oppressors to preserve dominance. South Africa epitomizes a prospering territory previous to the colonization directly correlating to the Absalom’s metamorphoses. Additionally, John Kumalo’s primary, justified intention in constructing a small business to obtain financial stability, the goal of the natives, becomes eclipsed as he serves a motivational bystander in the...

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