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The year was nineteen seventy nine on a calm sunny day. I was standing at the edge of the Detroit River just east of Third Street in an abandoned parking lot. Oddly I looked up in the sky and I saw the greatest cloud I have ever seen. It stretched from one end of the earth’s horizon to the other, not at the height or middle of the sky but offset slightly toward the northeast horizon. The weather was calm and perfect for an end of summer kind of day, a light breeze passed over the open field and brushed lightly across my face and caused the taller plants and grasses to sway gently back and forth in visual dancing patterns. This was a very calm place, in a way it had become my private sanctuary. It was a place where I would go to clear my mind or relax. Sometime after a rough day at work before going home I would park just so I could see the river and my nerves would calm. My son was with me on this day and he was just as curious as to what I was staring at in the sky. I point up and said “look at that huge funny looking cloud in the sky”. As I pointed he was already looking at this cloud but he was not seeing what I was seeing, I realized he could not see it. I felt something eerie about the cloud and my fatherly instincts kicked in and my mind went into action. Something told me, that the less my son knew the less danger he would be in. I placed my son in the car so that he would be out of harms way as he resisted, for he too wanted to be a part of what ever it was that got my attention. This cloud was brighter than normal formations of the cumulonimbus variety and I had the strangest sensation that this cloud was alive. I was struck by the fact that certain large portions of its outer fringes seem too accelerated then decelerate moving independently from the main formation. These portions of clouds would reinsert themselves back into the larger configuration momentarily. This process was repeated all along the fringes of the cloud.

Suddenly a disturbance at the outer fringe of cloud, a small flash of lighting, completely separated a large portion of cloud—my emotions became slightly fearful just as this event occurred. I sensed that this entity was in fact alive! Then it slowly, so as to not cause any further alarm from me as though it sensed my fear, it started to descend. It’s tumbling and rolling into itself over and over again was almost calming. It continued its slow hypnotic descent, drifting down from the sky. After it reached a height just above my eye level, it started to proceed closer to where I was standing. I begin to see its peculiar shape. A boot made of clouds? “I subconsciously...

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