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The Development Of A Code Of Ethics In Information Technology

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The reading that was investigated consisted of an article from Dr. Rochelle Brooks entitled “The Development Of A Code Of Ethics An Online Classroom Approach To Making Connections Between Ethical Foundations And The Challenges Presented By Information Technology”. Brooks (2010) studies the ethical challenges that are prevalent in the Information Technology (IT) field. Furthermore, Brooks (2010) examines how workers in the Information Technology filed should have lucid ethical policies to adhere to along with taking an in-depth look at how as a society we can be proactive in eliminating ethical dilemmas by early education of our young adults. This paper examines three key areas, which are as follow: societal ethical changes caused by Information Technology, the ethical usage of Information Technology, and the development of a code of ethics, which is associated with societal ethical changes caused by Information Technology and the ethical usage of Information Technology.
The first topic is, the societal ethical changes caused by Information Technology. One of the many societal ethical changes caused by Information Technology includes additional alternatives that are available to a society. First, let us define the basis of Information Technology, which is an Information System (IS). Schwalbe (2010) says that Information Systems use network resources, hardware resources, software resources, data resources, and most importantly human resources. If one examines the complimentary elements of each of the aforementioned groups one can easily understand how they make up an Information System. In fact, an Information Systems can consist of any balance or mixing of human resources, software, communication networks, and data networks that distribute information to end-users. The first societal ethical change that Information Technology influences is the addition of alternatives to a society. Brooks (2010) says that recent topics such as discussions on nanotechnology, cloning of humans and animals, stem cell research, and highly potent medicine are all the results of additional alternatives, which are available to our society. While, some of the alternatives above are still in the research and development sectors it is clear to see the influence of nanotechnology as it relates to micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) for the medical world. In essence, this nanotechnology is allowing the integration of sensors, electronic circuitry, and communication utilization on single silicon wafer which in enables the micro-electromechanical system device to talk to the brain. Webster (2010) says recent studies are beginning to validate that nanotechnology can be used to design a more effective implant which will mirror normal human limbs in terms of texture, movement, and functionality. Consider the question Brooks (2010) poses, which is, why is computer ethics always a topic of discussion. Computer ethics is a topic that one can debate because it is...

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