The Development Of Brands And Branding

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In today’s world material goods make a big contribution to one’s image and social status. A wealthy, financially stable person could walk down a street wearing an old pair of jeans and a rugged tee shirt and be taken as a middle-to-low-class person. On the contrary, a middle-class woman could wear her only Custo Barcelona dress and carry her only Louis Vuitton handbag and be viewed as a being with excess wealth and prosperity. Brand images are significant elements of American culture, and they continue to make a statement as prominent products of graphic design.
Brands are series of logos, names, slogans, designs, and/or sounds that communicate to people what the company, product, or service in question stands for. Though the main aim of a brand is to develop trust and satisfaction with customers and supporters, people develop their own idea of what this representation may include after experiencing the product for themselves. As more people experience the product and word of the product is spread through society, the brand image becomes synonymous with the product. Some brand images have become so well known that they can be displayed somewhere irrelevant to the product and still are successfully able to convey a message to viewers. A brand is of utmost importance in advertising, and it is essential to develop a brand image early in a product’s life in order to assure that the image will be known for the remainder of time the company or product is in existence.
Some companies or products pay companies with previously established brand images to use for their brand image and establish their own brand image. These companies use the existing brand images because certain qualities are associated with these brands. Other companies use this technique without paying for permission to use a previously established brand’s qualities. In these instances, the borrowed aspects of the brand image is not exactly copied, it is altered in some way. For instance, Nike’s “swoosh” logo is associated with Nike’s superior quality in athletic apparel and their dedication to fitness. Although it is not documented, Newport Cigarettes seem to have borrowed the brand image from Nike. The Newport logo, if reflected vertically and horizontally, is almost identical to Nike’s logo. Newport’s branding strategy could have been to incorporate fitness, athleticism, and health, all things that usually are not associated with cigarettes and tobacco, into the minds of their customers.
Branding may occur in a variety of ways. Brand extension can happen when one brand has already been established. Once a brand is developed, the creators of the brand may wish to extend their repertoire of products, companies, or services by using their brand image for another product. For example, Adidas is most known for their sports apparel and accessories. However, through brand extension, Adidas now offers sunglasses, watches, and even cologne and body wash. Brand...

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