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The Development Of Chinese Literature From The Book “Classic Of Poetry(詩經)“ To Yuan Dynasty

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There are many different forms of art in Chinese literature, and the book “Classic of poetry” would be considered one of the most influential and the first model of chinese literature.” Classical Chinese poetry comes in a variety of sophisticated, musical forms and styles.”(Crevel,2008)Being a country with around 5000 years of history, it is hard to imagine China wouldn’t have developed a consummate and enjoyable art. In many forms of art, poetry would be one of the most remarkable, splendid and extraordinary kinds, and in the book “Classic of poetry”, it marked the starting point of the history of chinese poetry. In the following paragraphs, few of the ages in which the most significant ...view middle of the document...

For the rhetoric, “賦”,“比” and ”興” mean “describe” ,”Metaphor” and “imagination”, which were often used in poem at that time.It indicate that how well developed chinese poemtry were back then.
Poems at that time were from by phrase in 4 words, there would be usually 8 to 40 sentences. One thing that is interesting about poems that time, they like to repent sentences again and again with one to two words being changed in the sentences. For example the poem 《國風 秦風 蒹葭》:


This poem is talking about searching for a lover ( 伊人), but there are different obstacles on the way(道阻且長,道阻且躋,道阻且右). In this case, sentences are repented while only one word is changed in the each paragraph. It could be easily understand and also emphasize.
The five dynasty(222~589 AC)
After different wars between tribes and states, China was finally once again being united. Time had come to the Wei(魏) dynasty, the founder of Wei dynasty “Cao cao”(曹操) was a very gifted poet and emperor, he himself created his own style of poem ,建安風骨, Jian’an poetry. “風骨“ was about vigor of style, in a tone of sadness, while generously accept it and show the strength of character. In the first sentence of the poem by Cao cao 《短歌行》:
We should sing before wine, For how long can life last
Like dew on morning fine, So many days have passed
It was talking about there would not be much enjoyable time in everyone’s life, it goes away as quick as the dew in the early morning; there was sadness thoughout the poem, but at the end
With crags high mountain rise, with water the sea’s deep
With the help of the wise, an ordered world we’ll keep
It talks about how he wanted to united china(天下) once again. Poetry at this time was showing the Tolerance of poets.
After the Wei dynasty was defected by Jin(晉) dynasty, China was in a mess again since the emperors were foolish and too busy killing people, many poets were not being appreciated since most of them would complain about the emperor. And that is how Hermitage poetry(田園詩) is founded; Hermitage poetry is about showing the desire of leaving the nasty city and live in the countryside, most of the authors of Hermitage poems are government officers which were tired to please the emperors and the Intrigues in the Officialdom. The most representative would poet Tao Qian(陶潛), he was so disappointed in the emperor that he decide to moved to the countryside by himself. In his poems, he was filled by the happiness of being alone and enjoying the natural. Meanwhile, emperors were asking poets to write poems to tell others how great they were, in order to please them, some poets were forced to wrote many meaningless poems. It could be considered as the darkest time of chinese poetry, poems were forced to be written, and many of them were too...

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