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The Development of Chinese Opera
Abstract: With the development of Chinese Opera, it has gone through the periods
from creation to prosperity and then recreation. The author has discussed Chinese
Opera on the aspects of its history, its artistic characteristics, its spirit, its material,
and so on. Furthermore, the author emphasized the use of various performance and
music, and also music instrument. Taking Mei Lanfang an example, the author has
clarified the typical characters in Chinese Opera. Finally, the author listed the
varieties of Chinese operas in different areas, and meanwhile, picked up some specific
representative operas such as Beijing opera, Kunqu, Yueju to further introduce
Chinese opera.
Keywords: Chinese Opera, development, artistic, character
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Chinese Opera has been acknowledged as one of the greatest ancient dramas in
the world, paralleling the Comedies and Tragedies of Greece and the Sanskrit Drama
of India. Chinese Opera is the traditional form of Chinese theater, which combines
dialogue, music, vocal performance, dance, kung fu (gong fu), acrobatics, and so on.
It also a traditional form of stage entertainment, weaving together elements of mime,
dance, song, dialogue, swordplay, and acrobatics into one fluid continuous flow.
Gestures, movements and expressions incorporated within each performer?s script
come together to bring forth an impressive performance. In contrast to Western stage
entertainment, which is subdivided into different categories such as opera, drama and
sketches, Chinese opera has remained faithful to its original format over the centuries.
? . The history of Chinese Opera
Chinese Opera has unique style with the distinctive national features and a
unique aesthetic characteristics. The traditional Chinese opera can be mainly divided
into four periods: forming period, booming period, extension period and prosperous
period. ?????????
?. The origins of Chinese Opera
The origin of Chinese Opera also called forming period can be traced back to the
singing and dancing and religious rituals in primitive times, and the songs in the Han
Dynasty and Tang Dynasty. Its original aims are to satisfy people?s spiritual need in
primitive society. And the main forms of it includes She Xi, Yang Ge and Nuo Xi. It
? 3
was not until the Jin dynasty that it began to form a more complete opera art. But the
prototype for Chinese opera actually appeared in the Song dynasty about eight
hundred years ago?????????
Chinese Opera has gone through a very long period of development and reform.
In the late Song Dynasty (960-1279 A.D.) and the early Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368 A.
D.), Chinese Opera from a mature and complete artistic system??????. ?
?. The development of Chinese Opera in ancient China
From primitive society to Yuan Dynasty, Chinese Opera has totally gone through
only one key period??the booming period. The booming period primarily started in
Yuan dynasty. In Yuan dynasty,...

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