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The Development Of Genetics Food Modifying Techniques: Analyzing The Effect Of Continuing Development

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Genetically modified foods (GM foods) are foods created from organisms that have had particular changes inserted into their DNA using different genetic modifying or engineering techniques. These techniques have allowed for the introduction of yield traits to have a far greater control over a food's genetic structure than traditional ways such as selective breeding and mutation breeding. Since the past 10-20 years, the world population has been growing swiftly, at the same time, traditional agricultural has began failed to satisfy humans’ need. Under this circumstance, genetically modified foods has been introduced and widely discussed in worldwide. GM foods techniques which can increase yield potential by modifying plant type and exploiting heterocyst. However these techniques have implicit problems. Although they are enabled to increase the world food supply, the safety and the nature of the food are the main concern. Due to genetic engineering is a relatively new scientific ...view middle of the document...

El-Nakhlaw , Shaheen Al-Shareef (2013) state that to keep the agricultural productivity increasing has numerous ways . Improved pest control, the use of biological fertilizers, , the use of ameliorated plant varieties soil and water conservation, , produced by either biotechnological or traditional means. All of these measures, biotechnological applications, especially transgenic plants and \functional genomics investigation, probably hold the most guaranteed augmenting agricultural production and productivity when properly combined into traditional measures. With genetic modifying techniques, global food supply can be secured and resolve the crisis.

On the other hand, Teitel& Wilson (2013) suggests that the prospective jeopardizes of genetically modified foods are existed. Since safety examinations of these foods are not standardized and have no regulations. Their long-term risks, either to our health or nature are an uncertainty. Genetic engineers can separate and conjoin genes very precisely in the experiment equipment, but the procedure of inserting those genes into a living organism requires high level of accuracy and preciseness. These manipulations can arouse mutations that damage the original natural genes function of the organism. After a gene is introduced into an organism, it can cause unforeseen side effects. Mutations and side effects can cause genetically modified foods to be toxics and allergic or reduce its original nutritional value. In addition, our living things species have evolved since the earth is created. According to Leegood, Evans& Furbank (2010), presenting genetically modified species disturb the balance of our ecosystem with artificial changes. There are various ways that can carry genetically altered seeds and pollen such as bird, inserts and wind. There pollen will be carried into neighboring fields and beyond, creating new species. These unpredicted and unknown species may imperil living things and change fundamental ecological relationships between plants and animals. Although there are still some faults in genetic engineering food techniques, these techniques are just at the early stage of development, some faults are still acceptable. That is why the development of these techniques needs to be continued in order to achieve a better stage for the sake of human.

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