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Evolution suggests that life began as relatively small and simple organism and developed into various complex organisms today. Charles Darwin proposed his Theory of Evolution, forming the foundation of evolutionary biology. He suggested that the origins of new life and evolution are caused by natural selection over successive generations. It allows differential reproduction of genotypes. There are five principles drawn upon the observation and assumption of evolution, which are reproductive potential, constancy of number, struggle for existence, individual differences and inheritance of traits.
According to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, differences in species are caused by continuous and accumulative small changes over a long period of time. The development of high heels works in a similar way. Over the centuries, high heels were gradually transformed from a product of the patriarchal society1 into a fashion design item. There exist different types and different appearances of high heels. Although high heels are non-living things, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is applicable to describe the changes of them regarding the five characteristics of evolution.
The aim of this essay is to demonstrate how to apply Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to the development of high heels. This essay begins by explaining the evolution of the high heel. It will then focus on application of five characteristics of evolution.

Evolution of high heels

Being a type of footwear, high heels mark the class, social status and personality of individuals as what the shoes in general function. In ancient times dated from 1000 BC, high heels provided a high social status. Nowadays, high heels are one of the fashionable items.

Time Event5
17th century The invention of high heel by Catherine d’Medici in Paris
Early 18th century France’s King Louis XIV wore high heels with battle scenes
Late 18th century High heels were openly accepted by French after French Revolution
19th century High heels were introduced into the USA
1904 Invention of pump, i.e. court heeled-shoes
1920s Invention of high heels with fastening strap; Maximum of 75 cm heel made
1930s Invention of comfortable flat-soled shoes upon demanding of women
1940s Invention of luxury shoes, e.g. leather shoes
Invention of wooden heels and wedge heels
1950s Development of high heels with slender heels, narrowing toe box and sheer height.
Emphasizing the sexuality of high heels
1955 Invention of Stiletto heel
1960s Inventions of high-heeled boots
1970s Wave of platform shoes
1980s-1990s High heels were becoming popular among grassroots groups
2000s Emphasizing the well-shaped and good looking to legs.
A wide variety of high-heeled shoes are avaliable

Reproductive Potential

High heels have definite life cycle as usual goods, varying from several months to years. High heel are trashed when the heels are worn out or crooked, the straps (if any) are broken, the shoes are...

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