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The Growth Of Obesity In The World

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In the last three decades, the growing epidemic of obesity has become one of the most colossal problems affecting people globally. This epidemic is contributed to not only socioeconomic status but to everything that is correlated with it such as race, gender, and level of education. When dealing with socioeconomic status, income is the major factor, but not much research is done on the cognitive factors that lie within each socioeconomic group (Ball, Crawford, , 2009). Normally the research on obesity is restricted to data found in the Unites States and refuses to include the statistics of other countries that might not be as developed, such as China (He, James, mu0pu, Zheng, 2014). Age is also another variable contributing to the unhealthy weight gain in the population worldwide. Childhood obesity has become such a big issue that programs are being implemented worldwide in attempts to prevent it early on (Cunningham, Gazmararian, Gonzalez-Casanova, Martorell ,Pratt, Sarmiento and Stein, 2013). Along with obesity in children, obesity is equally as common in adulthood and has grown twice as large since 1980 in Americans (Forjuoh, Lee, Ory, Une, 2013).
In the following research paper, I will address all of the factors that correlate with the growth of obesity in the world today. It is hypothesized that socioeconomic status is directly allied with the increasing rate of obesity. It is also predicted that age is another one of the critical issues tied to the high risk of overweightness. In HINTS, there are many topics and much detail about the matter it is covering. The data collected to formulate these hypotheses is parallel to the data collected in the HINTS Surveys in many aspects; the only difference is that HINTS reports much more material. Both the HINTS Surveys, and the variables I am discussing cover the changing trends in healthcare, risk factors, provides patterns and opportunities in health, updates, and nutrition and physical activity, and demographics.
When dealing with socioeconomic status in the United States, we take into consideration the income of a family, education level, and area inhabited. It is clear from the data shown that lower socioeconomic groups of people will suffer from higher rates of obesity. This is due to the low level of education of the parents as well as their low-income level. Because of the lack of education, people are not aware on how to make healthy choices and what foods are harmful. And because of the poor living areas these lower income families inhabit, the harder it is to find a wholesome grocery store. In less established areas, whole foods grocery stores become less accessible making it that much more difficult to buy nourishing food. This staggering increase in obesity is mainly due to the extreme low cost of fast food and processed foods, while fruits, vegetables, and whole grains remain substantially more expensive. It is far cheaper to support unhealthy eating habits...

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