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The Development Of Space Travel Essay

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Could you imagine being the reason why space travel is as magnificent as it is today? Robert Goddard is the wonderful man behind all of this. Many people were so surprised when he announced that the first rocket fueled with liquid oxygen and gasoline was built and ready to launch! On March 16, 1926 in Auburn, Massachusetts on Goddard’s aunts’ farm, many witnessed the first ever working rocket to launch into space. The rocket traveled for two point five seconds going about sixty miles per hour and soaring forty-one feet in the air then landed one hundred eighty-four feet away. The first fueled rocket influenced the wonderful space travel of today, it is the reason NASA even started! The ...view middle of the document...

The day the V-2 rocket also called the A-4 was first doing a test run was on October 3rd of 1942. The reason it was launched was to try and hit Brittan in the war and tear down their resolve. Every time was a successful test run of the missile, traveling at three thousand five hundred miles per hour and carrying a two thousand two hundred pound warhead with the range of two hundred miles and testing it three thousand times in all. The very first time they go to fire it in September of 1944 at England it actually landed in Belgium! Therefore caused a huge riot not only between England but also Belgium. When Goddard died the importance of his work was unknown, In the article March 16, 1926 Braun Said, “ The Germans had succeeded in creating the V-2 rocket and launching it into Britain during World War II, possibly after stealing information Goddard gave to the United States Navy Bureau of Aeronautics. So without Goddard we wouldn’t have defeated England.” (March 16 1926)
For more obvious reasons the first fueled rocket influenced space travel. One big advance in it was the C-5 rocket that was renamed Saturn V. It was the most powerful rocket ever flown! It was developed at NASA’s Marshal Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. It was not only one of the three Saturn rockets that NASA built but it was also the larger and better of the rockets. The Saturn V was three hundred sixty three feet tall, six point two million pounds and conveyed about seven point six million pounds of thrust behind the launching of this rocket! How does this rocket even do all of this you ask? The Saturn V only had three stages in the launching process of the Apollo missions. Each stage would burn each engine long enough until they were all out of fuel and then would separate each engine from the rocket as that process was happening. On the next step each engine would begin to fire as the rocket is still soaring through the air into space. On the third stage the rocket would either stay in space or land on the moon!...

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