The Evolution Of The Post Impressionist Period

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In the late 1800’s a group of artist that were rejected by the salon formed an assembly called the impressionists. They set up their own exhibits to show society their visions by adding a new array of lights and colors to their paintings. They painted ordinary events of the day and lots of landscapes throughout the different seasons. Their paintings reflected what they saw not memories from their minds. The critics were harsh and called their works of art mere impressions and the group found that to be fitting of their work and deemed that to be their name.
Claude Monet devoted his life to the impressionism style. One of his most famous works is the Impression: Sunrise. 1872. Unlike the artist of the earlier periods Monet would paint colors in simple strokes beside each other instead of the pre-mixing or blending them on the canvas. Monet would often paint the same images over and over to capture the different moments with each setting of light. Monet was highly influenced by Edourad Manet’s rebellious style of the academic norm, society’s perspective of painting. Manet painted a contrast of light colors on dark; warm against cool giving a sensational stimulation to the eye (P. Frank 2004 pg362). Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Edgar Degas were also well known impressionists that joined the show. Like Monet they used the lights and shadows but they brought more depth and structure to the objects on the canvas.
Even though the society was appalled by the growing group of individuals selling their works outside of the salon, the impressionist continued on with their shows until 1886 when they departed and went their separate ways. Very few of their masterpieces were sold but the rewards of the new visions that they installed still carries on in art today. The artist moved on to study their own styles of painting by building on to Impressionism which takes us into the era Post-Impressionist period.
Building off the foundations of impressionism artists, Paul Gauguin, George Seurat and Paul Cézanne embellished in their own style and took impressionism into a new direction. Gauguin and van Gogh illuminated the canvas with emotion indulging in rich colors and energetic textures. Both...

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