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In the 60‘s, 70‘s and 80‘s a Hannah Barbara production of “The Jetsons”, a family living in the year 2062 was a popular TV cartoon. The space age family age looks like our families with the exception of Rosie, a robot that manages the household. This might have been a far fetched idea back than however we may all have our own Rosie's, a personal home robot to tackle many jobs that we don’t like or have time to do.
The development of the robot is being produced to look and behave like a human. It is with these characteristics that humans will relate to and probably trust to manage our own personal needs. Cleaning, cooking, managing the children are all possibilities with the advancements being made in robotics. Much like the dishwasher that was very popular in in the 70‘s where most homes, we are heading in the direction that personal robots will also be like an appliance we can’t live without. They will also be common in Hospitals, Schools and the Military along with performing tasks that we humans can’t perform or don’t want to.
At a hospital in California, Doctors are using robots to make visits to patients for a quick and immediate diagnosis. They are over five feet tall with a computer screen as a head. The doctor’s face appears on the screen and patients are talking to their physician in real time. When timing is critical like a heart attack these robots will be there to start the examine prior to the patient arriving at the hospital saving valuable minutes that could mean life or death. The possibilities are endless when a robot will play a role as an assistant patients in remote areas. We may even witness the robot making house calls to immobilized patients like the elderly. Other areas in a hospital setting that robots may play a part is in the laundry areas and removing hazardous waste, some of the jobs that humans don’t care to do. Robots would be meticulous in sterilizing surgical tools and tracking that all tools are accounted for as due to human error some of the tools have been accidentally left in a patients body causing other complications other than their procedure.
We probably not see teachers being replaced however the robots will be like a super fun teachers aid. They could help students that are struggling along with gifted children who need more to challenge them.SOPHIA HOLLANDER said in her article in the Wall Street Journal,
“This year, robots will be teaching everything from math to vocabulary to nutrition inside classrooms in California and New York, a move the researchers call a first in American education.In the school system”
In some cases of children with disabilities there have been advancements with robots. Autistic children are open to communicating with the robots as they have a hard time interacting with humans. “Ian Lowe said
"They are really cute looking. Children with autism struggle with communicating with adults and with other children, but for some reason they engage with these robots”

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