The Diary Of A Teenager's Experience

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The Diary of a Teenager's Experience
The initial plan was to meet up at Bangkok International Airport,
Domestic Terminal at 1400 hrs, by the orange chairs near the Check-In
counter. A few were early, a few on time, and yes, some were late. No
one is perfect. By the time we gathered everyone as a group and made
changes to the groups, we were headed towards the check in counter,
half an hour after our meeting time. It’s the same every time. Pass
your bags through the x-ray machine, queue up at the check in counter,
and check in. After that simple process, we were slowly heading inside
the waiting area in front of our gate. And for once, we didn’t have to
walk across the whole terminal, not that it’s big or anything, but it
can be pretty annoying considering Burger King is right at the front.
Lucky for us, it was right opposite our gate. Lunch time. Or maybe
not. We had two hours free time to do whatever we wished to do. For
the majority of us, it meant sitting down on chairs or floors, or even
laying down on the floor to chat to friends and play cards.

Boarding time was at 1615 hrs. As soon as we got onto the plane,
instead of going to our own seats, what we did instead was to sit in
other people’s seats right away, but in the BPS seats. I ended up
sitting next to Emily on my right and Fizz to my left. Fizz,
obviously, just had to sit next to Adam and Adam was next to Chris.
But sadly for Fizz and Adam, they were separated by the aisle. The
only reason however, was because I didn’t really want to sit next to
Chris. Not that I hate him or anything, but if I had a choice, I’d
rather sit next to Fizz. The flight went by really quickly. Most of
the time we just spent chatting. Fizz and I were planning to listen to
our I-pods and read, but we just ended up doing the opposite and
socializing. Obviously, I felt sick during the flight. Think prom. I
did get some reading done, however. But I don’t know if it was a good
idea though considering I was getting awfully teary from reading Tiger

We had a smooth landing, and took our time walking to the conveyor
belt. Only a short wait after, our bags started arriving. And I was
lucky. My bag was the first to arrive, Fizz, Adam and Chris’ bags
arrived soon after so we just ended up waiting for everyone else’s
bag, including Mr. Nagy’s suitcases. It really looked like he was
going back to England for three months or something like that. After
everyone got their bags, we walked out to the minibuses waiting for
us. I ended up sitting on a bus with Adam, Fizz, Chris, Gee, K. Nong
and Mr. Nagy. The back row was Fizz, Adam and I, the middle row Chris
and Gee, and in the front row, K. Nong and Mr. Nagy. Had a blast on
the bus. Adam, Fizz and I were playing funny and stupid things along
the ride. One of the best bus trips I’ve ever had. As we...

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