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The Diary of Anne Frank is about a girl that kept a diary
while hiding from Nazi’s in Amsterdam for two years. The
diary ends when the Nazi’s found her and her family. Her
whole family was killed in exception for her father. She
was given the journal on her thirteenth birthday. She
simply summarized her life for two years in this phenomenal
journal. This journal was found after she was killed. The
book was published in 1947. Twenty-five million copies were
sold and it was written in fifty-four languages. Basically
there have been a lot of reviews on this literary work.
Many people have had a great deal of criticism over the
Diary of Anne Frank. From great authors to simple students,
all have had their own perspective and view on this
everlasting and most memorable book. This truly shows how
the Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most widely read books
in the world.

Anne Frank’s diary was probably the first work that
people actually got too see what the Holocaust was all
about. Certainly it must be the best book for the subject.
The diary brings together her childhood and then only known
surviving footage of Anne Frank. This is a great way to
describe a portrait of Anne’s life, character flaws, and
everything else. In order to enjoy this piece of literary
work, you must first learn the importance on Jewish culture.
This work is like no other of any Holocaust books. This is
actually a way to experience the painful experience the
Jewish people had to endure during this awful and evil
period of time. This story takes us into the eyes of Anne
Frank. The Holocaust in literally brought to life. This
literary work truly shows how Anne Frank was a martyr of
racism and an insightful chronicler of her time period and
place. The work also shows the typical adolescence of Anne
Frank and her constant arguments with her mother in
particular. It also deals with the day to day hiding she
and her family went through. The only problem with the book
is that the fact that Anne Frank rewrote her diary about two
months before she was captured because she wanted her
journal to be published after the war and she wanted to
peruse a career in journalism. Therefore it is hard to tell
what existed in her original copy and how much did she add
afterwards. This tells us that we will never know how much
knowledge Anne Frank possessed. It is not the information
that should be questioned, but the chronology. Anne Frank’s
diary is an invaluable historical account. The book shows
no detail on what was re-written, maybe because the
information is not available. The answer to the question of
whether or not Anne Franks Diary is a reasonable assessment
is no because certain excerpts were taken beforehand.Review
By Carrie Gorringe,Review. She meant to say that the Diary
of Anne Frank was a good way to experience the Holocaust but
at the same time there is a lot of missing information. She

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