The Diary Of Gregor Samsa In The Metamorphosis

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Statement of Intent

While acknowledging that most narratives written in the third person can be adequately revealing, and that a third perspective is sometimes necessary or even essential to the success of a particular narrative; taking into account the context, themes, and symbols of this work, I strongly believe that a personal diary would be imperative if one was seeking to decode some of the underlying emotions, thoughts, and experiences that can be overshadowed by a lack of a first person point of view in the body of a work. Another reason for this approach is that there is a strong correlation between a diary and discovering the workings and development of one’s actions and objectives, and that is exactly what needs exploration in this work. The diary will focus on significant events in Gregor’s life from his perspective in an effort to add another dimension to my interpretation of the text, and to further strengthen the thesis of this evaluation.

I feel a great urge to recount to you the strange events that have occurred in my life thus far, and that have transformed me so utterly to a state of incompetence and inaction. I feel deep inside my heart, that my days are numbered, and that before I should be consumed by an overpowering force and new order of movement— that I have come to convince myself, have been the foremost product of my own hands—I should leave you and others with a tale of my metamorphosis.
Not too long ago, I transformed into the most treacherous of creatures! I had not anticipated it. Indeed scarcely would I have conceived that a day and a time like this would come that I would not be the productive man that I am. Not even my family saw it coming; they perceived incorrectly, that it was an illness that was preventing me from getting out of my room. I say that I am, because in the depths of my heart I know that I still have a duty to provide for my family, and be a loyal son and brother. I feel capable, yet trapped. In my transformation I have lost, perhaps the most valuable asset that defined my humanity; that is my voice. Without a voice, my efforts to try and convince my office manager of my ability to return to work that first morning were completely futile. Oh, God knows how I would have given anything and everything to return to my work. Of course, I dreaded my work—all that constant travelling and selling; it really got to me—but I survived because family duty comes first.
Though, it didn’t help that my family behaved in such a manner that hinted to me that they didn’t want me around any longer. I can still remember their reactions to my appearance; how they rejected me so suddenly, and to think of it, in the midst of my affliction! How quickly people change. When all was well, when food was provided at the table, and when the bills were paid on time, they held me in the highest regard and even bestowed upon me caress and affection....

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