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May 15, 1774: Cher Journal,Je m'appelle Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. I was born on November 2, 1755 in Vienna, Austria to wonderful parents, Francis Stephen I and Maria Theresa (Marie Antoinette Queen of France). I am currently 19. I became queen when I was 18. I was not ready at all for the challenges (Spano). When I turned 15 in 1170, I got married to Louis, now called King Louis XVI (Marie Antoinette Online). He is another story. I will have to dedicate another entry to him. I'm not exactly sure if I like being a queen. I mean, it's not all what it's made out to be. There are just so many orders. Many people complain and demand things of you every second! I am just a teenager! I'm not ready to be a queen!MarieJanuary 19, 1775: Cher Journal,Things haven't gotten much better. Remember how I said I would do a whole entry on Louis? I am now. I'm very unhappy with him. He is unattractive, self-conscious, shy, and not who I pictured myself with when I was a little girl (Marie Antoinette Online). All he does is hunt and sit in his workshop all day working on clocks and such (Marie Antoinette Online)! I'm interested in fashion, dance, art, and nightlife (Marie Antoinette Online)! He doesn't like any of that! Oh, and let me tell you, he is horrible in bed (Marie Antoinette Online). He is never in the mood and cannot achieve erection! I apologize for being so graphic. You want to know the whole truth, don't you? I am so disappointed. Mother says that I should at least give him a try and attempt to work things out. I'm not sure how that is going to happen. I should probably go tend to my people now! Salut!MarieJuly 22, 1777: Cher Journal,I finally convinced my oldest brother, Joseph, emperor of Austria, to tell him to have surgery (Marie Antoinette Online). He has agreed! Wait until Mother finds out! Ouais!MarieAugust 31, 1777: Cher Journal,I am so thrilled! It began nine days ago (Fraser, 157)! Finally, after seven years, we made love (Marie Antoinette Online)! Maybe the Petit Trianon will make a great home for children after all (Fraser, 157)! The Petit Trianon is where we live. Located in Versailles, it is about forty minutes by train from Paris (Spano). It was given to me by Louis (Spano). Comment gentil! I better go. Au revoir!MarieSeptember 14, 1781: Cher Journal,Where shall I begin? Being a queen is so boring! I'm tired of spending my time in nonstop court rituals! I miss the freedom of Vienna! Euh! I'm spending less time at court. Instead, I spend it with my friends (Marie Antoinette Online)! Yolande de Polignac and Thérèse de Lamballe are très chic (Marie Antoinette Online)! They like to do things that Louis doesn't! They give me expensive gifts! They take me to masked balls in Paris, theatricals, late night walks in the park, and dare I say it, gambling (Marie Antoinette Online). They are everything I could ever want in friends! Quel beaucoup amuse!MarieFebruary 4, 1784: Cher Journal,Being a queen definitely has its...

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