The Difference Between Lobbying And Bribery As It Pertains To The 2002 Winter Olympics

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Being chosen to host the Winter Olympic Games is an honor and a privilege. Like with any large and popular sporting event, there is a lot of money involved. With the influence of money and natural greed, competition to host the games becomes fierce and the potential for digressions multiply. This is the case of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake Utah. After winning the bid to host the games, it became known that the Salt Lake Organizing Committee had contributed to Olympic officials in the form of cash and property for favorable consideration. This led to a scandal about the practices of the IOC and how sites are chosen to host. The bribery scandal led to a shack up of the entire Olympic world.

The Difference between Lobbying and Bribery as it pertains to the 2002 Winter Olympics
When the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2002 Winter Games to Salt Lake City in June 1995, the people of Utah believed years of hard work and the state's investment in a winter sports facility had finally been recognized and rewarded. After all, Utah had been after the Winter Games for decades, spending more than fourteen million dollars on bid efforts alone. In addition, taxpayers had already agreed to spend almost sixty million dollars to construct Olympic venues, most of which had already been built or were in the process of being built when the bid winner was awarded.
Hoping to acquire the games, no other city in Olympic history had done more groundwork than Salt Lake City. The people of Utah were confident the Winter Games were coming to Salt Lake City in 2002 because of the quality of the state's winter sports facilities and because Utah has been known to have some of the best snow on the planet. However, the people of Utah, the world, and the nation were shocked and disappointed when it was discovered more than three years after Utah was awarded the 2002 Winter Games that Salt Lake's SLOC had spent nearly $1 million in gifts, scholarships, cash and gratuities for IOC members and their relatives. Many felt these non-Olympic related expenditures amounted to no less than buying votes. Even a well-known IOC member called it bribery. As details of the potential transgressions were revealed, the controversy was to become known as the Salt Lake bribery scandal.("S.L. bid scandal leads to Olympic reforms ", 2001, p. 1)
The question is, was this bribery? On the other hand, was this lobbying? The definition of bribery is money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust.(bribe. (2010) The definition of Lobbying is to attempt to influence or sway (as a public official) toward a desired action.(Lobbying, 2010., n.d., expression 2) It has been debated whether the Salt Lake Organizing Committee...

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