The Differences Among Nuclear Power Plants And Wind Farms

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When a person looks into a light coming from a movie projector, they will notice many types of dust particles being spotted by the brightness coming from the box. These same particles, if not worse particles, are also floating outside and can be carried a long distance away if blown properly. Many citizens are frightened of this aspect, thinking of all the different germs that float in the air which are being propelled by wind turbines. Germs do cause illness at times, but there are other health risks caused by windmills which must be noted. Christidis and Law mention other symptoms reported by citizens as “sleep disturbance, headaches, irritability, fatigue, ear disturbances, and difficulty concentrating (85). Along with illness and other health cautions, there is also a political aspect among wind turbines, which must be discussed.
In the same article, Christidis and Law make note saying “Another political and institutional aspect that was identified was public participation and consultation; approval is higher when residents are consulted and take part in the planning process” (83-84). Unfortunately, many cities make a decision of building a local wind farm by using votes from higher end authorities who are in charge of the city. If a city wants to make a true decision to build a wind farm, then votes from the residents need to be gathered as well; but, if wind turbines are unpredictable in producing enough power within a day, and also cause potential health risks, then questions may arise as to why they are being favored rather than nuclear power plants. Although power plants do bring possible health threats, there are a greater number of positive facts about the producer which may lead consumers to support the latter.
The fact that many people disagree with the production of nuclear energy is true; however, there are still numerous amounts of people who believe that this type of power is essential to living. Because of astounding production rates of energy, many popular cities prefer to use a more consistent energy producer, such as a nuclear power plant, rather than producing a low energizing wind farm. One common fear of the power plant is the nightmare of one little leak which could turn into a city wide disaster. However, Brian Fowlers also said in his article that “...there has not yet been an accident with a commercial installation sufficient to have constituted an operational or environmental catastrophe.” Fowlers continues by stating the fact that the architect’s plan for building a power plant is to minimize the percentage of the likelihood of a chaotic destruction so low which then forces scientists to perform a pessimistic assumption based on the safety of the plant (22-23). Because there are so many security aspects to the safety of nuclear power plants, there are less chances of destruction and more opportunities for energy production.
In “Nuclear Power,” Brian Fowlers says “Nuclear power is the only energy...

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