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The Differences Between A Book Which Was Later Converted Into A Movie Film: The Shinning

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The Shining

Research Paper English comp II

Jose Quezada

Horror, this is a very sensitive word which its real essence has been lost throughout the going of the years. Most film directors now a day, lost the real meaning of what is the real purpose of a horror movie. Especially when horror novels are converted into films. They have taken the concept of horror and have misinterpreted this into violent death scenes. Even though these scenes strike fear into people's eyes but they are not the same fear that older movies from the original film makers, authors and script writers. The Fear I speak of is that the older pioneers of this genre was a fear not caused by a vast amount of deaths but caused by genius mind tricks and a fear of the unknown. Amongst these pioneers Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King are very well known due to their novels and movies made after those since they had great success. The question is do novels?Edgar Allen Poe founded the word horror and as, I believe, that if he was still alive horror movies with his style would not sell. The genre of horror movies has lost its true feeling in my personal opinion, I believe if Poe were alive he would be disgraced of what the genre has turned out to be. The horror movies have lost their essence in suspense and intriguing mysteries and riddles that lead to who the killer was and have been exchanged for, either pointless death scenes or intimate scenes between characters or the token character that are there for comic relief that always end up dying. This subject has died and old fans of horror movies would just have to live up to the course that this style of movie has taken. This would affect any directors who would want to try and revive the genre because it would not sell even if Poe was alive he would have to change his ways to please the audience that would get lost generations after he died. Even though his work still is considered amongst the best of the genre, why would it be that if people still appreciate his work how can they not notice that horror movies have gone downhill from the perspective in which he viewed it. As some people will say now a day they would prefer to read a horror novel than go watch a movie. The genre downfall was being noticed also around the time this film was created, this was stated by Greg smith:" The Shining may be categorized as a horror film--and it is, but it is also one which exists on a much more profound level than the garden-variety pulp flicks that give the genre its widespread disrepute. Interestingly, popular film critics in America tended to rake The Shining over the coals upon its release because it did not adequately fulfill expectations based on Hollywood convention (some critics complained that the film was too complicated and didn't make sense, others that it was too slow, still others that it was not scary enough), while academic film critics apparently steered clear of it because it was a horror film and as such not worth paying...

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