The Different Branches Of Yoga Essay

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The Different Branches of Yoga

In ancient times yoga reffered to as a tree, a living thing with
roots, a trunk, branches, blossoms, and fruit. Hatha yoga is one of
six branches; the others include raja, karma, bhakti, jnana, and
tantra yoga. Each branch have its own characteristics and function
represents a particular approach to life. Some people may find one
particular branch more better than another. However, it is important
to note that involvement in one of these paths don’t preclude activity
in any of the others, and in fact you’ll find many paths naturally

Raja yoga means royal yoga, raja means royal and meditation if the
focal point of this branch of yoga. This approach involves strictly to
eight limbs of yoga. Also found in many other branches of yoga, these
limbs or branches follow this order yama; self-discipline, niyama;
posture, asana; breath extension or control, pranayama; sensory
withdrawl, pratyahara; concentration, dharana; meditation, dhyana; and
ecstasy or final liberation, Samadhi. raja yoga is for people who are
attract to meditation. Member from religious families devote
themselves to this yoga.

Karma yoga is the next branch of yoga or the path of services, and
none of us can escape this pathway. The rules of this yoga is what we
experience today is created by our actions in the past. Being aware of
this, all of our present efforts become a way to consciously create a
future that frees us from being together negativity and selfishness.
We perform karma yoga for our work and live our lives in a selfless
fashion and as a way to serve others. You can do it volunteerly as u
serve meals in a soup kitchen.

Bhagti yoga describes the path of devotion. Seeing the divine in all
of creation, bhakti yoga is a positive way to channel the emotions.
The path of bhakti provide us with an opportunity to cultivate
acceptance and tolerance for everyone we come into contact with.

Jnana yoga, if we take bhakti yoga as heart than jnana yoga is yoga of
mind. The approach for this yoga is most difficult but its most
direct. It requires serious study with in the context of our western
religious traditions, kabalistic scholars, Jesuit priests, and
Benedictine monks epitomize jnana yogis.

Tantra yoga is probably the most misunderstood yoga. This is the sixth
branch of yoga which includes consecrated sexuality.

You may already involve in one or more of these branches. Or maybe
already a hatha yogi or yogini practicing posture with a teacher or by
yourself. For example if u r helping volunteer for aids patient u r
already in karma yoga. So these were the different branches of yoga so
now I will go ahead and explain different types of yoga which as

One who follows the path of yoga is yogi or yogin. There are many
different types of yoga....

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