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The Different Impressions Of People About The 1960s

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The Different Impressions of People About the 1960s

During the 1950s to the 1960s there was many changes in society. Many
dramatic events of the twentieth century happened in the sixties, such
Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space, Cuban missile Crisis, and
John F Kennedy’s assassination. The Vietnam War and the first men on
the moon,but the sixties was blamed for many things going wrong in

For teenagers the sixties was a great time for them, they could
finally have their own lives and their own freedom of expression in
their clothes and music and tastes. Music had become more available
and convenient because of the new technology; the new seven-inch
singles were created light, cheap and convenient. Gramophones became
cheaper and pop shows on TV started showing and coffee bars became
popular so teens could catch up with the latest songs. The economic
boom gave the teenagers more money to spend on what they wanted and
this gave them more freedom. Because of the development of popular
culture this led to the many subcultures being created, such as the
Mods, Rockers, hippies and beatniks so this was great for them because
teenagers now had freedom of expression which they didn’t have before.

Women also had great sixties as well because of the creation and
changing of the contraceptive pill, abortion and divorce laws,
education, jobs and pay. The conceptive pill invention gave women
freedom and now they could plan their own lives. The abortion act of
1967 was made so that abortion was made legal but it was strictly
controlled under medical supervision, this was because the government
wanted to stop ’back street abortions’ which were carried out by
untrained people and was very dangerous. The pill and the abortion act
together gave women a very effective way to plan when they wanted
children. In the sixties there were several legal changes, which gave
women a stronger position in marriage. The Married women’s property
act in 1964 made sure that all women would get half the money they
saved from housekeeping, in 1967, the matrimonial acts gave husband
and wife exactly the same right of occupation in a family home. Best
most of all in 1970, when family assets were divided up the women’s
upkeep of household and welfare of family was taken into acount.women
were now treated with more equality, and this had been a great change
for women who lived in the 1950s. Before, in the 1950s women did not
have many job opportunities most of them worked in boutiques or as
receptionists all of this was because of the traditional views that
women stay at home and sacrifice their career for the home and
children, this is because they did not have equal education. So in
the sixties law was formed to make sure girls and boys had same

Liberals liked the sixties because there...

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