The Different Laws Of The States

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The Different Laws of the States
In the United State there are many different laws and they all have different jurisdiction. Federal laws cover the entire United States of America. State laws cover the people who work and live in a particular state. The Federal Government runs all fifty states and the State Governmaent only runs one state. The most important or final law is The Supremacy Clause, which is in reference to the U.S. Constitution. There cannot be any disagreements with the U.S. Constitution.
The Federal Govenment can make most of the decisions. No law can not pass without federal permission. Although the Federal Government makes many and most imoportant laws, they do not ...view middle of the document...

The Supremacy Clause means constitution the final law in the United States. Constitution has more power than the Federal Government and the U.S. Constitution has the final say about the law to protect people rights as well. Even if the Federal Government disagrees about an issue, the Supreme Clause for the U.S. Constitution will always have the final say. “In this case, defendant Johnson was found guilty in a Texas trial court for violating a state law making it a crime to burn the American flag. He did this at the Republican National Convention held in Texas. Johnson appealed and eventually the U.S. Supreme Court granted certiorari. When the court grants certiorari, it is agreeing to hear the case. The question was whether burning the flag was protected under the First Amendment right to free speech. The Supreme Court held that it was. The following is an excerpt from the Supreme Court decision.” (Introduction to Law, 4th Edition) The state of Texas found Johnson guilty because they believe burning the American flag is a violating crime against the...

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