The Different Meanings Of Monstrous In The Text Frankenstein

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The Different Meanings of Monstrous in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

In the 19th century, Mary Shelley wrote the text ‘Frankenstein’. Many
different themes are explored in this text; one of the main themes was
‘Monstrous’. In this book a doctor named ‘Victor Frankenstein’ makes a
being out of different body parts he had stolen from graveyards. Mary
Shelly came up with the basic idea of the book from a dream, but this
was then developed into a story when she was challenged by ‘lord
Byran’ to write a ghost story while she had gone to visit Lord Byran’s
villa. The outline of the story was parallel to her own life, as in
her own life, Mary Shelley has seen a lot of deaths; Mary Shelley’s
Mother died giving birth to her; Mary Shelley lost two of her children
after being born; she also lost her husband ‘Percy Shelley’ who was a
poet, and the book ‘Frankenstein was originally published under his
name as women were not allowed to publish books, this is because this
didn’t go along with the women’s role, women were expected to stay at
home and work., also because if it was published in her name, as most
women didn’t under the philosophy of science, she would’ve been though
of as a witch, so all these precious lives taken away from her
could’ve given her the idea of bringing back the dead. Mary Shelley
uses embedded narrative, this means a story inside another story; at
first we se that Robert Walton is the one telling the story and then
another story about Victor Frankenstein is started. In this text, it
is not clear as to who the actual monster is; there are many monsters
e.g. the creator created by Victor Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein
himself; the society of Geneva. Therefore Mary Shelley explores the
meaning of ‘monstrous’ in many different ways.

One of the main meanings of ‘Monstrous’ Mary Shelley has explored is;
‘Is Victor Frankenstein the real monster?’

“Unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created, I rushed out
of the room.”

This shows that Victor Frankenstein is running away from his
responsibilities, he is abandoning a life he had created, and because
of this the monster turns evil, as the monsters own father is running
away from him, and loathes his existence. Therefore Victor
Frankenstein is the real monster as if had taken care of his
responsibility and shown a little sympathy for his own creation all of
this could’ve been avoided.

Another way in which Mary Shelley explores the meaning of ‘Monstrous’
in the text ‘Frankenstein’ is: ‘Is the creation the real monster?’

“I grasped his throat to silence him, and in a moment he lay dead at
my feet.”

This shows how brutal the creation was in killing...

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