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The Different Perspectives Of Deviance Essay

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Deviance refers to any violation of the norms in the different cultures around the world. Many people believe it is a crime to violate some of the norms that people are used to doing. They think it is taboo to do something so different that it would change the way people do things and disrupt the daily routines of regular individuals. In many cultures once you become branded a deviant. It is hard to function in the society that you are living in. It may take many years for norms of people to change, so that you are not considered deviance of the norms anymore. There are many perspectives of deviance that have been used for many years.
First, is the symbolic interactionist perspective of ...view middle of the document...

With these three theories of this perspective you can see that there are many ways people decide wither or not you are a deviance of the norms.
Second, is the functionalist perspective where they believe that society is complex unit, made up of interrelated parts (Sparknotes). The theorist Emile Durkheim said that it is a normal and important part of any society. He came up with four functions of deviance that are important for society and to the norms of the people. First is seeing people punished for anything that is not a cultural norm or values one may have. Second is what you see people do leads you to think of right and wrong things that may be a deviant behavior. Third is that if something horrible happens people will unify their thoughts and feelings. Then come together as one people to handle such a bad disaster. Last is that it can promote change of norms if an individual does something that is not a norm idea, but once the person does this it changes others ideas of it and becomes a norm. A theory of this perspective by Robert Merton, posits that when people are prevented from achieving culturally approved goals through institutional means, they experience strain or frustration that can lead to deviance. Basically just because everyone have the same opportunities in their lives does not mean their able to fulfill them as some do. If they cannot achieve what their peers have, they may act out in a deviant way. With this perspective it shows how others influence the way we may or may not act out in deviant ways. Throughout our lives we meet and live with other people that influence our way of thinking. It is not hard to look around and see what is right or wrong to do when you are watching people making bad mistakes in life.
Last, is the conflict perspective it interprets society as a struggle for power between groups engaging in conflict for limited resources (Sparknotes). Karl Marx is the founder of this perspective and he says there are two categories that people fit into. First is capitalist class, where the people of...

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