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The concept of reality can appear in many different forms. It can be presented as a glimpse of happiness, such as love at first sight, or a long term pleasure, like falling in love. Reality can also be witness in a much bigger event, like getting married or having your first born child. But as joyful as it may sound and as much as we wish that reality can just be nothing but happiness, it has its own downfalls. It can also appear in the forms of envy, guilt, regrets, and hardships, like having your heart broken, losing a love one or witnessing a life and death situations. In the end we have to realize, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. In the novel “The twelve tribes of Hattie” by ...view middle of the document...

Her boyfriend Walter, who she was with at the time just for the sake of company, left her. Her mother Hattie, who she thought hated and despised her, was seen happier than she was, which constructed anger and envy. She later unintentionally succeeded in having an affair with her mother past lover, in hope obtaining the happiness her mother once had with him. Just like Franklin, her life was also filled with struggles and suffering. Both Franklin and Bell and along with all the characters in the novel face these endeavors. Even though the cycle of suffering went on throughout each child, it all went back to where it started just so it can be ended. This novel gave us reality at its best peak and showed us that life is full of suffering and we can’t change that, “just as the sparks flies upward” (104). But when life give us struggle and suffering, let it be known as an obstacle that is in your way only to make us stronger and later positive changes arise through those thing we once called “suffering” which we know now as “motivation”.
In “The Twelve Tribes of Hattie”, Mathis gave the reader a chance to witness the pain Franklin, one of Hattie’s children, felt due to his struggles. Franklin characteristics were very intriguing because of the trait he had. He had traits of kindness, thoughtfulness, strong willingness, and always had the sense of what’s good and what’s right. Franklin was a fictional character that was based of the actually Franklin, or rather Benjamin Franklin. The whole chapter about his life which was almost by far the complete opposite of Benjamin. From his trait to his 13 virtues Franklin applied it. He, like many male in this book had a drinking and a gambling problem. He lost everything from his home to his wife. He used up the money on gambling and booze and along with it he's been with more than one woman after marrying his wife. As horrible as he may sound, Franklin was a character worth recognizing. He had the attitude of what many men in his position didn’t have. Men that is struggling with work, money, drinking problem and gambling problem. He portray wisdom to his problems, and because of it, he was able to think clearly. He admitted his mistakes, and afterward would try and correct them. People till today are unable to accomplish that and the reason for it is their pride and stubbornness. But what separates Franklin from the others is his strive for success. Perhaps Mathis created this character for a purpose, but what purpose? Franklin is by far, the most real and meaningful character in the book. He gave many reasons to why reality is suffering and struggles. Not only he was consider a troublemaker and a good for nothing man, he was also consider to be an endless romantic like many living today. Franklin had an open love for the women he met at the age of 19 and who he continued loving till the end. He saw Sissy at the beach buying a “pop”, which is the equivalent of a soda can. He was stunned by...

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