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The Different Uncle Essay

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Every family in today's world has its problems. Everyone has at least one person in their family that they are ashamed or sometimes even scared of. For a countless number of families, this outcast person in the family is the uncle. The three main types of outcast uncles in families are the gay uncle, the homeless uncle, and the just downright crazy uncle.Lets start out with the gay uncle shall we? The gay uncle is the type of person to show up at family events with his "friend" and acts like no one knows. Everyone is nice to him up front, but they talk behind his back ...view middle of the document...

Once a year he unexpectedly shows up at his sisters house, and stays forJim Treeceabout a week. The homeless uncle is not a very mannerly person, and can always be found either burping or farting around people. The homeless uncle is not very often brought up in family conversation because there is basically nothing else to say about him. The family knows he exists, but they act like he doesn't.The next and final type of uncle is the just downright crazy uncle. This uncle shows up at every family event never fails. He is always wearing a tank top and is smoking a cigarette. This Uncle yells at the top of his lungs for anything, it doesn't matter what it is. He thinks he has good manners, but everyone else in the family could say otherwise. This uncle also has no regard for safety. He is the type of uncle that would let little Timmy jump out of the boat at 60 miles per hour without a life jacket, just to see what it felt like. Then the crazy uncle would want to do it himself.Every family has problems. It just so happens that in most families, the uncle is the one who seems to cause the most. Every family has an uncle that nobody likes to talk about, but just cant help it. The gay uncle, the homeless uncle, and the downright crazy uncles are just a few examples of this.

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