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The Different Views Of The Origin Of Life That Exist In Religious And Scientific Communities Around The World

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The Different Views of the Origin of Life that Exist in Religious and Scientific Communities Around the World You are a journalist working for the Sunday Times newspaper. Your
editor has asked you to write a piece entitled 'Where did it all
begin?' The aim of the article is to discuss the different views of
the origin of life that exist in religious and scientific communities
around the world. As a part of your task, you must comment on why
people have these different views, what scientific evidence exist

Sunday Times – special article of the creation of the universe…

By our amazing correspondent

So, where did it all begin? By ‘all’, I mean of course the universe
and life. Who created earth and mankind? How did earth and the
universe come about? Was it a huge accident – or was it a coordinated
creation? There are many views on this matter, many by different
religious sects and scientific communities. I didn’t know where to
start at first, but thought it wise to start off with a scientific
review, assess its evidence, and then look at other creation beliefs
of other religions. The school’s astrology club seemed a suitable
place to begin my search for the most logical creation story. Of
course, I was very reluctant to go to inside the dreaded lab, where
the rejected schoolchildren dwell, but I was forced to and nothing
could deter me from my determinedness.

I asked some members of the astronomy club what they though about the
creation of the universe and life. They all agreed that it was a
theory called ‘the big bang’ that was most reasonable. This is the
most popular scientific theory of creation among scientists. I asked
Marlon, an aspiring astrologist, and an eager member of the astrology
club to elaborate:

“Basically, we think that it was a gigantic explosion that caused the
mater of the universe, which was densely squashed together, to
suddenly expand outwards. Of course, this has evidence! Look at the
stars; they are a clue in the universe that point to this theory. I
see you don’t get me…” I didn’t. I asked him to explain this
‘evidence’. “Each star is like a great ball of fire, like the sun. The
stars are grouped into galaxies, and these are moving apart from each
other. Scientists point out that this movement is what you would
expect if all matter had started from the same place and then exploded
apart. They use the present position of the galaxies and the rate at
which they are moving apart to work out when the big bang occurred”.
After asking others in the astronomy club for more of their views, I
found out that they thought that the mix in gases and elements created
tiny micro organisms that had evolved into the creatures we know
today. But all this had only explained how the earth was created....

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