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The Different Ways To Tame A Shrew

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There is not only one method to tame a shrew and the movies Kiss Me Kate and The Taming of the Shrew prove that this is true. The question is, which method is more effective, and which method truly succeeds in taming the shrew. To decide which method is the better of the two, the audience has to look deeper into the methods of Fred and Petruchio. They must study the approach of each of the tamers by deciding whether their approach is physical or psychological, honest or deceitful. They must also look at the other methods that each tamer uses and take into account their motives for taming. When all of these aspects are considered, Fred’s method of taming is obviously the better of the two ...view middle of the document...

Kate does not even know that she is not acting how Petruchio and everyone else wants her to act. When Petruchio embarrasses her at the wedding, Kate does not even know what she did wrong, she thinks Petruchio is the one who is behaving badly. Then Petruchio gives compliments to Kate and this also gives her the impression that she is a good person even if how he describes her is the exact opposite of how she is. So in the end Kate is just confused, she does not know if she is acting right or if she has done something wrong. As a result, Kate simply acts in a way that makes Pertuchio happy.
As mentioned before, Petruchio’s taming methods are more psychological but they ultimately affect Kate physically. Kate is deprived of things like food and sleep and is also treated badly by Petruchio. For example, Petruchio lets Kate fall off her horse and into the mud and lets her stay there. Another example is when Petruchio takes away the food that Kate was about to eat because it was “not fit for eating.” This is a good example because it shows how Petruchio’s psychological methods (Acting like the food is bad when it is not.) affect Kate physically (She is starved.). Kate eventually becomes weary of how she is being treated. Because she is used to getting everything that she wants, when Petruchio ignores her wants and needs it wears her down even more. An example is when Petruchio had clothes made for Kate, and he made them ugly. This type of treatment also affects Kate because she is again deprived of something that she wants. Like anyone else would, Kate cannot take how she is being treated and she thinks of the one way that she can get everything that she wants; acting how Petruchio wants her to act. Besides, if she is going to have to live with him for the rest of her life she might as well start conforming to Petruchio now. That way she is not totally miserable, she at least gets what she wants.
As opposed to The Taming of the Shrew, the methods that Fred uses to tame Lilli in Kiss Me Kate are actually effective and successful. As the audience can see, Fred focuses on being more physical rather than psychological and more sincere rather than fake. Fred’s motive of love is also better than Petruchio’s motive of wealth. This results in a shrew that is actually tamed.
At the end of Kiss Me Kate, it is obvious that Lilli has been tamed. One can realize this at the end of the movie when Lilli returns for Fred. Unlike in The Taming of the Shrew, Lilli came back for Fred on her own. In The Taming of the Shrew, all Kate did was come to Petruchio when he asked for her. Is that any real sign that she had been tamed? Lilli proves she has been tamed when she comes back to get back together with Fred. She did not have to return, she could have went off, married Tex and had a life without Fred. By coming back it proves that Fred’s taming methods have worked and Lilli has been tamed.
Fred’s methods of taming are very different from those of Petruchio. Fred gets...

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