The Differing Film Languages Used In The Two Trailers For Bend It Like Beckham

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The Differing Film Languages Used in the Two Trailers for Bend It Like Beckham

The purpose of a film trailer is to promote a film and to try and to
portray the film genre and narrative to a certain audience to get them
interested, and to encapsulate the film in a little over two minutes
and hopefully indicate the unique selling point of the film. The
trailer holds our attention because the images change really quickly
and we must concentrate all the time or we may miss something. From
the trailer we are able to get an idea of narrative and genre of the
film and what visual style it will take. Film trailers target specific
audiences through their film genres. The importance of a film genre is
that it shows what type of film it is. The genre is established
through codes and conventions. Codes and conventions are the accepted
way of doing things in a particular genre. Trailers are important
because they promote a film to get the largest audience possible. The
trailer can also promote the high profile actors/actresses of the film
as well. A poster has a harder task; it must catch our attention and
give us information about the film in one still image.

Bend it Like Beckham released to very different trailers which
certainly has a cross-over appeal in which you can grasp the fact that
one trailer is predominantly targeted towards females (Trailer 1)
where there are more scenes that make girls better and show them up a
bit and one is for males (Trailer 2) with scenes directed towards
males, both trailers are mainly directed for teenagers to mid
twenties. You would expect to see trailer 1 in the cinema before a
teen chick film, or sports or comedy movie and maybe during a soap on
T.V, and you would expect to see trailer 2 before sports, action and
comedy films, and possibly during a football match on T.V. Where the
trailers are shown is significant to what audience it is trying to

Focusing on the use of mise-en-scene, narrative structure, editing and
sound I will be able to compare and contrast how the trailers have
been constructed to grab the target audiences attention.

The film is about jess trying to realize her dreams by breaking
through her stereotypical constraints where she should stay home and
be a housewife and this is more shown in trailer 1 where there is more
talk about what is best for jess and what she should do with her life.
The trailer is also more romantic and concentrates on marriage in
different cultures and is more romantic. In trailer 2 it makes the
girls seem a bit clueless and not important in football as there a lot
of jokes about them by the boys.

We see a lot of different action in Trailer 1 which shows more of a
storyline and sends out important messages of cultures and what is
important to the family. It opens with a traditional Indian...

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