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The Differing Legacies Of Rulers In Antiogne

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Once a self-sacrificing individual dies, their legacy begins; but, once a dictator dies, his or her fame and image dies with him or her. This statement above is valid as a result of citizens who don't fondly mention their cruel ruler, like Creon once he passes away. However a martyr, like Antigone, is remembered for her deeds that are considered self-sacrificing. Creon won't be remembered as a result of his choice to not permit Antigone to bury her dead brother Polynices. Creon choses to execute Antigone for attempting to bury her brother. Antigone’s legacy can go on because she has the courage to go against Creon. Antigone defies Creon by choosing to sacrifice herself for Polynices' honor. Creon’s actions in result to Antigone’s is the main reason his legacy won't be commemorated.
First off, Creon was forgotten as a result of his choice to execute Antigone. The punishment given Antigone by Creon was to be locked in a blocked cave till her death. Despite later on in the play, Creon did arrange to free her,but once he determined he had wanted to release her it had been too late. The citizens of Thebes were shocked at the very fact that Creon would even take into account such an awful punishment. Antigone responded to family honor, that is understood; thus, the individuals of Thebes can forget Creon.
Morevoer, within the tragic play, Creon may be a tyrant and ruler. Creon’s rule won't be remembered for several reasons. One reason being that he ashamed his family honor. once a father or son dies in battle, they're to be carried back home to be properly buried by their families. Eteocles, Antigone’s other brother who happened to die, may be a patriot and is buried as a result of the fact that he fought for Thebes. However, Polynices isn't buried because he rebels against Thebes although he fought additionally. Creon abandons Polynices’ body out dead to be attacked by...

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