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The Difficult Truth Essay

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What is critical thinking? Critical thinking is a tool that can be used in any aspect of life, a process of thinking that is developed through attentive reasoning. Critical thinking is a mental process that needs to be learned in order to effectively understand and correctly interpret information. The ability to read is just as important as the ability to understand what is being read. Critical thinking is used to thoroughly understand what is being read and can also be used with spoken words. Understanding if information is accurate and understanding the purpose of the argument are both major parts of critical thinking.
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This type of fallacy is typically used to strengthen ones argument by means of authority and is used time and time again by companies trying to sell products. The probability of the majority of American’s that have seen an infomercial is very high. Infomercials typically will use a celebrity or public figure to help encourage people to buy products. Take Proactive for example. Each commercial for Proactive will typically have one celebrity endorser, which causes the faulty use of authority fallacy because the celebrity endorser is not an expert in dermatology.
An example of erroneous fallacy would be the appeal to tradition. Appeals to tradition can be an erroneous fallacy because after a tradition is established, it can be difficult to see why changing tradition could be beneficial. This becomes a fallacy when the arguer cannot explain why the tradition should not be changed, but instead uses the excuse that because something is tradition it should continue unchanged.
In other instances, there are fallacies than can either be erroneous or deliberate. The false dilemma fallacy is a perfect example of this. If a writer or speaker is simply blind to any other alternative, he or she may honestly believe that only the two alternatives exist. Whereas, the false dilemma fallacy can be used deliberately by a writer or speaker to gain attention to a specific cause he or she supports. Giving the audience an either-or circumstance, the audience will likely choose one not think of other possible alternatives.
Fallacies can have a dramatic effect those who are receiving such information. There are those listeners that will automatically take the information given as truth when such information may contain fallacies. Listeners might automatically believe the speaker or author because he or she are a professionals in a field pertaining to the information given or he or she may simple be convincing. Convincing speakers are abundant and is a craft some spend their lives perfecting. Fallacies that are believed by an audience to be true can then be spread to other people. This causes an abundance of wrong information to be spread...

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