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The Difficulties Faced By Modern Day High School Drop Outs

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In the generation of our parents it was an easy task to find a job. A person could work as a janitor, a cleaner in houses, in a restaurant or even in the farms. No one would ask if they finished or graduated high school. Before it wasn’t a big issue, but now if someone wants to work at a fast food place like McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy’s taking orders or flipping patties or just mopping floors. The first that the manager will ask is if they are currently in school or if they graduated from high school. People shouldn’t drop out of high school because it affects them from having a better future. If they have kids at an early age, it makes it harder for them to get a job, and it affects their community in financial costs. By dropping high school, students aren’t ready to live in the real world, since they don’t have a high school education.
Teen pregnancies weren’t such a big deal before, but as the years passed more and more teen girls have been getting pregnant. Since they are out of school taking care of their baby they end up dropping out. One out of four pregnant teens drops out of high school. In a statistics they have found that from ages 15 to 19, a teen girl has had sex at least once. This is a risk not only for an unwanted pregnancy but to get an STD later on. People don’t understand what goes through the mind of a teen girl when it comes to deciding of why they want to have sex at a young age. I wouldn’t prohibit that they have sex, but at least they should protect themselves so that they won’t have surprises later on. There are so many ways to avoid unwanted pregnancies because having a baby is a big responsibility. If a teen girl becomes a mom she has to give the baby attention, taking the baby to the doctor, feed the baby, and buy necessities for the baby. That comes to high costs. But with a lot of teen pregnancies, this increases the rate of drop outs in high school. That’s why there should be something done to help these students decide not to drop out.
If a student drops out of high school depending in what grade they are in, it will be hard for them to get a job. Now a day, managers hire people who are committed to doing their job. They hire people who have a good education and if the person has finished high school or are still getting a good education. They aren’t going to hire people that will have issues with their job or are late every time because they have personal problems. When a person gets a job, they have to be committed to be on time, to obey every rule, and to be a good example. Students have to realize that after graduating life will get harder and it will be a cruel world if they aren’t ready. That’s why they have to finish school and have a planned future where they can go to college and get a good career. They can win more than $100,000 for their career instead of winning less than $10,000. In a statistics, 39% of African Americans are to get a job, 43% of Asians, 46% of whites and 53% of Hispanics....

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