The Difficulties Of Love As Defined In Pablo Neruda's Poems

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Love is such a mysterious thing. It does not always happen to everyone. One might wander the world looking for it, but never truly find it. Love is unique to each and every person. Everyone has their own definition of based on their past experiences and thought process. Pablo Neruda had written many poems throughout his life, many of which dealt with love. Those poem with the theme of love started to define how Neruda defines love. Neruda defines love as something difficult.
Love is difficult, according to Neruda. In his poem, “I Do Not Love You Except Because I love you”, he describes his love going from hot to cold. “I go from loving you to not loving you” (2) and “My heart moves from ...view middle of the document...

But then again, love sometimes fogs a person’s cognitive abilities to think clearly and thus allows for such things as in blind love. This poem is a perfect example of how love can be difficult because of our blind love.
Another example of the difficulty of love is in his poem, “Tonight I can write (the saddest lines)”. In this poem he conveys the message that love can be difficult to overcome, “I no longer love her, that’s certain, but maybe I love her” (27). Here again, he is stuck in the same mess with this constant withdrawal from loving her then to loving her again. In this poem he creates this underlying theme that falling in love is easy but falling out of love is difficult. How Neruda came to define how love is difficult is in the beginning of the poem and the progression of his feelings throughout it. In the beginning, he starts it a little bit gloomy. “She loved me, sometimes I loved her too” (9). He starts with the basis that their love was already a rocking boat, but then he goes on to say that he lost her. He tries to find her, but his attempts are ill-fated. The he starts to denounce his love for the women her used to love, and at the same time he announces his love for her. This poem is a prime example of how Pablo Neruda defines love a difficult.
Another example of how Neruda defines love as being difficult is in Sonnet 94. In this poem he talks about in the case in which he dies and she does not, that he wants her not to be sad, but to live on and be happy. “I don’t want your laughter or your steps to waver” (5). He brings up the point that she should think of his absence as if he is a house, “Live in my absence as if in a house” (8). In this metaphoric house she will be surrounded by the memories of their love and time shared together, and that his unwavering love will always be there for her. But, she cannot be sad because of his absence, because if she is sad, he will die again. “And if you suffer, my love, I will die again” (14). The difficulty of love is...

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