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The Problems Of The Moroccan Children

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It is taken for granted that the kingdom of Morocco presents a brilliant image of the Arabic African country which seriously aims at achieving a better situation for the Moroccan child. In recent years, Morocco, has given area attention to all fields relating to child hood. It has become a striking example in the fight for children’s rights. UnlikelyThe limited resources of Morocco impedes the application of the full values and objectives of the Convention of children’s rights. In this regard the Moroccan child still suffers from enormous problems on the top of which are child labour, strut children, and finally sexual exploitation.At the beginning, child labour immensely exists in the Moroccan kingdom despite low restriction. A national employment survey conducted by the employment ministry and the International programmFor the abolition of children labour shows that 600,000 Moroccan children are working a large number of them in viral areas. Such a phenomenon can be a scribed to a variety of reasons. The most important one is poverty. Many children in Morocco leave schools and work to ensure the survival of their family. In deed, the successive years of drought that have hit Morocco have extremely affected the financial status of the Moroccan and other developing countries look at the child as a profitable object which can contribute to household if the circumstance imposes so . Therefore, children in Morocco are prompted to by their parents to work study made by la ligue Marocain pour la protection des enfants shows that 72% of working children work due to penurity. Another important reason for child la bier is schooling problems. Truly, Morocco is doing a great work to ameliorate education. However the situation of the public is below the expectations. Many students stop studying because there is no access to schools, the long distance between students’ houses and school stands as a stepping stone for them. This problem is mostly related to girls. Many girls cannot go to school, mainly junior and high ones, because the dwar and ksar are for and there are no means of travel. In Rissani, a Sahrawi cannot go beyond primary school, which leads her to learn handicraft. Moreover, the parents’ negative attitudes towards schools aggrandize the problem. This mainly concerns young rural children. In the countryside parent do not believe a diploma of any sort can help find a job. Hence, many parents do not give their children and in stead place them to acquire a hand craft and soon as possible they throw them in the employment market mainly boys but girls most of the time as young servants. The lack enfacement of labour perpetuates child labour. In Morocco, the age of admission is fixed at a minimum of 12 years of age by a royal Dahir on 12, 1947 and is still in effect. This limit is lower than the CCR. Ever worse, this legal restriction limited only for the formal sector, the informal one is irrespective of these laws. As a result,...

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