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The Difficulties When Adjusting To Change

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In Interpreter of Maladies, there are many short stories that show the different ways and how hard is to adjust to a change. I am going to take "The Third and Final Continent" as an example. The first example is that the main character, an Indian who had just moved to America, had to learn how to adjust to a big change, like moving from one country to another. Adjusting to a change tends to be difficult for some people because you have to adjust to many things at the same time.One example in the story can be found on pag. 177: " I had never lived in the home of a person who was not Indian". This shows that he was afraid to the change, he did not knew what was the proper way to behave in front of Americans, he did not knew if he was going to be accepted or criticized. This feeling is something completely normal when expose to a change because when you change the way you do things is as if you were born again and have to learn everything again.This main character moves from London, where he lived "in a house occupied entirely by Bengali bachelors like [himself], at least a dozen and sometimes more, all struggling to educate"(Lahiri 173). He moves from London to America. In America he first lived in an apartment that was terrible, it was worst than living in London in his old apartment. "The room contained a cot, a desk, and a small wooden cross on one wall. A sign on the door said "cooking was forbidden" (Lahiri175). Not just that he had to learn how to handle the noise of the traffic, which "was constantly distracting". After a while he moved to a knew apartment that he found on the Boston Globe that was for "immediate occupancy". He then moved to that new apartment where he lived with an old lady, who was the owner of that big house, who was renting a room. This was a complete change for him. The difference between the two houses was that he now lived in a quiet and peaceful. After he moved to Mrs. Croft's house he did not just had to adjust to his new house but to Mrs. Croft's way of living and behaving. At the begging it was a little bit difficult because she was an old lady from the year 1866, but after a while "it became a routing" (Lahiri183) and he learned how to live with her. He even became friends with her, or at least he made her company.One example that appears in the story that shows a good example of how hard adjustment to change can be is the example the character gave about his mother. After his father died her mother"refused to adjust to life, without him; instead she sank deeper into the world of darkness from which neither I, nor my brother, nor concerned relatives, nor psychiatric clinics on Rashbihari Avenue could save her" (Lahiri 187).Other example of the adjustments to change that the character had to undergo was that he had to buy his own small carton of milk and he said that " even the simple chore of buying milk was new to me"(Lahiri 175), he said that because in London they had bottles...

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