The Problems With Athletes Turning Pro Early.......Its An Documented Argument Essay. This Essay Is Six Pages Long

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Athletes Turning Professional EarlyFor years college athletics has been a place for athletes to improve their skills and to mature on and off the court. However, this aspect has been drastically changing over the last ten years. Many people believe that athletes should be able to leave school whenever they choose. Although it is the athlete's choice the NCAA should play a major role in their decision. This controversy is fueled by athlete's merely foregoing college altogether. These athletes feel that by participating in college athletics they would be wasting their talent. However, athletes should not be allowed to turn professional early regardless of the circumstances.Many athletes that turn professional right out of high school end up having an assortment of problems adapting to the professional game. For many athletes their bodies are not completely developed. By playing at the speed of the higher conditioned and developed players in the professional league, young underdeveloped athletes run the risk of suffering an early career ending injury. Elton Brand, a player for the Chicago Bulls, says, "Because my body was underdeveloped I had to ice down my knees and ankle everyday after practice."(Taylor 86). Also these athletes minds are very immature and underdeveloped both in their sport and in the aspect of life. When you let a player come right out of high school to play a professional sport it is like let a young child loose in a billion dollar world with no guidance. This aspect of having millions of dollars to spend is too far out of reach for these youngsters to grasp. These athletes have no aspect of money management skills, because if they see something they want the will buy it regardless of its price. This reckless abandonment usually results in bankruptcy and the youngster regretting his decision much earlier than he could have imagined.However, when a college athlete decides to forego his college eligibility to play professionally his body is finished developing, but his mind may not be finished. Many athletes do not realize the immediate responsibilities and mental pressure they will have to deal with when they choose to leave school. They are left at the mercy of the media with their flashbulbs and microphones. Many young individuals might not be able to handle this even with the help of family, friends and even an agent because they are not used to the exposure of the professional league. Also the media usually harasses the athletes all the time for interviews and pictures. When an athlete turns professional he or she immediately become a young kids role model. These young kids will want autographs, want to wear the same apparel as their role model and will idealize the young athlete. This aspect of someone looking up to you and watching one's every move is very detrimental to a young professional. The major problem for the college athletes turning professional early is the same as the high school athlete; it is managing his...

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