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The Trouble With Wet Seal {Introduction, History Of The Retailer,Identify A Problem, Make A Plan Of Action, And Then Find Ways To Implement Your Plan, And Conclusion}

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Introduction/ThesisWet Seal prides their merchandise as being "first, fresh, fun, and definitely fun". Although that saying once held true, today Wet Seal's sales are quickly declining. Though this could be due to a number of reasons, one of the most imperative causes is the failing to understand exactly who their target customer is. It seemed they had jumped on every fashion that seemed to be remotely popular too hastily and had too much of it. They brought in an overly eclectic assortment of clothing that included styles varying from urban to skater and eventually led to customer confusion. That particular mix of merchandise does not identify with one customer and became confusing as to what kind of a store Wet Seal is and what demographic they were and still are seeking to obtain. They acquired and placed too many dissimilar trends in the store, thus abandoning their target customer and leading them to experience ineffective and extremely imperceptible sales.Background of the CompanyWet Seal started out in Newport Beach, California in 1962. Its original name was "Lorne's" named after Lorne Huycke, the founder and owner. The company soon became known as Wet Seal after an auspicious remark made by his wife stating that a swimsuit model looked like a "wet seal" walking down the runway in a black, shiny swimsuit. Soon after that propitious occurrence, Wet Seal's product demand grew rapidly and by the late 1970's and early 1980's expanded to more than a dozen retail locations. In 1995, Wet Seal attained 237 Contempo Casuals stores from the Neiman Marcus Group. Wet Seal Inc. then created a concept for a more upscale retailer, Arden B. in 1998 launched the store in 2001, as well as a store dedicated to "tweens" referring to girls from the ages of five to twelve, named Zutopia in 2001. Today, Wet Seal currently operates 600 stores in virtually every state as well as in Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. Even though Wet Seal manages to have an abundance of retail locations, the company has seen four repeated quarterly losses while sales continue to degenerate. Despite the adverse times Wet Seal is facing, the new company CEO Peter Whitford is eager to turn the business around in 2004.Current IssuesOne of the misconceptions the Wet Seal stores had was that they tried to gain interest of older customers by adding merchandise they thought would appeal to an older crowd. By leaving behind their age demographic of girls from to ages of 12 to 18, they lost their central customer. Instead of keeping their concentration towards the preppy, solid look of their clothing, it seemed as though they nearly cleared all that merchandise and brought in the punk look, or whatever trend was in the moment for the entire store. They were right in bringing in those trends; however, they apparently tried to ride the trend wave for far too long. Then when they decided to try and mix up their merchandise, they went about it in the wrong manner. For example, at one time Wet Seal...

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