The Digital Buyer Approach The Digital Buyer Rules In The 21st Century

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The Earth is moving under the Provider’s Feet

Worldwide, business decision makers and influencers of trillions of dollars of commerce are migrating to a digital buying experience improving the precision, speed and convenience of their choices. They are looking for providers who understand and service their digital buying approach. For the next decade, not only will more buyers go digital, their digital needs will escalate not only as buyers but as customers. Laggard providers will certainly lose business as these buyers migrate to more digitization. When you visit the websites of most providers, it’s easy to see they have not given careful thought to this emerging and dominant buyer approach.

Every now and then you take on the role of the buyer. When you take on that buyer role, have you noticed what has changed about you? You’re going digital and you’re connected. As if by magic, the 21st century buyer enjoys the ability to research, create and share information like never before. Buyers will begin their digital buying experience before any provider is contacted. Choosing to embrace that fact can either make or break your company in the 21st century.

The Ascension of the Digital Buyer

Digital Buyer is a term that was created to help the provider focus on the changes they need to make to improve their revenue efforts. Here’s my description:

The Digital Buyer – Uses 21st century technology to do their own goal-driven research, shares on-line content and takes part in on-line conversations with trusted relationships before they contact a provider. Once they are engaged with specific providers, they expect the active use of technology from the provider to improve their experience. Finally, they create their own personal brand by expressing opinions about providers and amplifying their good choices.

The Digital Buyer is the critical approach persona in the 21st century who has yet to be fully embraced by most companies. The ability to educate, communicate with and learn from buyers has never been greater. Creating memorable products and services combined with aligning your organization to this technology-empowered buyer is a priority over any other marketing effort. Why pay advertising dollars to send more buyers to your buying experience so they too can be disappointed? It’s as wasteful and silly as sending off-line buyers to a retail store that doesn’t have the product advertised in stock. Even some of the largest organizations in the world are not meeting the needs of this buying approach. Market leaders in the 21st century are ahead of the curve on creating the right Digital Buyer experience. They know that building a productive digital experience for the business buyer is the most scalable, relevant and measurable marketing they can achieve.

The actual transaction is a part of the buying process. It is likely to happen off-line for larger purchases. The point here is that by the time the Digital Buyer...

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