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The Dilemma Of Colorism Essay

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Recently on Oprah’s Life Class on Colorism, many young African American women came together to converse on a very tough topic within the community. This rising dilemma Oprah calls ‘The Secret Shame’, also known as Colorism, is a prejudice act where people within the same race discriminate against each other based on the shades of their skin. There has been a lot of talk about the privilege of lighter skin over darker skin tones and how it has truly effected African Americans as a whole. People of darker shades have felt hurt and betrayed by lighter shades due to the rejection Colorism has caused while others may feel another way but just like the saying says, ‘there’s two sides to every ...view middle of the document...

Low self-esteem in the film always seemed to relate back to attractiveness and attention. Woman expressed how emotionally damaged they were at one point knowing that they couldn’t change the color of their skin. For an example, one young woman stated that she was so mad with her father because of the skin color she had. She thought her skin was dirtier than two pigs in a mud bath. Eventually, it got so bad that she filled her tub up with bleach, hoping to have a lighter shade of skin by the time she got finished scrubbing the filth away.
There were also other women who stated that, just like any other women of color, when they were growing up different kids would call them names like tar monkey, jigga boo, and coon. Their place on the class chart was seen to be lower than the low class. They were considered to be butt ugly, dumb, and worthless. The more this perception increased, the more women of darker shades felt as if they need to bleach their skin just to gain beauty, respect, and an increased socioeconomic status.
Among African American women, the shades of the skin effect a good deal of their lifestyle and much of their socioeconomic status. In the Social Psychological Quarterly, studies show that majority of the black women who are light- skinned, tend “to have higher status occupations, higher incomes, and more years of schooling than their dark-skinned counterparts” (77). They were also said to marry men of higher socioeconomic status rather than lower socioeconomic status and “while 27% of those with dark complexion are currently married, 42% of those with light skin are currently married” (Herring, King, and Horton, 71). With this it was shown that the, “gap in the educational attainment and the socioeconomic status between light- and dark- skinned Blacks is equivalent to the gap between Whites and all Blacks in general” (Harrison, 68). Light-skinned women were considered privileged in every area of their lives compared to women of darker skin tones and the society continues to set up a system where woman of a darker shades have a lower chance of having a high socioeconomic status. No matter how much they tried, the darker shades were just not a match for the better opportunities in their communities. In fact, it’s due to the history of slavery that Lighter complexions had an advantage over darker complexions.
As agreed by Bell Hooks, during slavery if one had light skin they would possess much more privilege than dark slaves. The dark slaves would work outside in the cotton field while the slaves with a lighter complexion would work inside the house with the white mistress. Even white and black woman shared a common ground, but the point of contact consisted of the servant-served relationship (black woman serving, while white woman being served). Just by getting a mental picture of how the slavery system worked back then, one could see that by having the woman with the lighter shade of skin in the house with the one who was...

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