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The Issue Of Forced Marriage Essay

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Girls all over the world are forced into marriages due to financial necessity, tradition and to ensure their future. Most of these girls married are at a young age: “One third of the world’s girls are married before the age of 18 and 1 in 9 are married before the age of 15”( “Child Marriage Facts and Figures”). The young ages of those being married reveal how crucial it is to resolve this problem. When child marriage occurs the parents of the bride usually chose the groom for their daughters; and these grooms can be three times older than the young brides. Some children are brought into the world of marriage at the of 8 or sometimes less depending on their cultural views. The following can be used to help reduce the impact of early marriage: reinforcing laws that are passed against child marriages, and providing information on contraceptives to victims of early marriage. The most efficient way of resolving the problem of child marriage is through educating the people who practice it about its adverse effects.
Therefore, laws passed against early marriage ought to be strictly reinforced and taught to young girls everywhere, so that they can be equipped to fight for their rights. For example, one law executed in India resulted in,“ the Supreme Court recently hand[ing] down a decision requiring married couples to register their consent to be married and their age with local authorities, to better enforce the law establishing 18 as the minimum age of marriage”(“Child Marriage: Laws and Civil Society Action”). "The government of Bangladesh's secondary school enrollment program provides parents with monetary compensation[...]and requires parents to sign a statement of commitment not to have their daughters marry until they reach age 18. [The program] also covers the cost of school fees and books[to ensure] girls[will] remain in school"(“Child Marriage: Laws and Civil Society Action”). Agreements such as this can lift the burden of paying for a girl’s education, thus making it easier for parents to choose to educate their children, instead of marrying them off. In rural areas of underdeveloped countries, the practice of child marriage is on the rise due to the fact that most of the girls being married off are not educated enough to know there are laws in place to protect them. Being oblivious of their rights, children are being married off before they are able to comprehend the harm brought upon them. Having knowledge of laws that protects them from being married before they are ready can assist them in taking steps to prevent the occurrence of early marriage. Educating young girls about their rights is one way of ensuring that one child may be kept safe from having to face the atrocities of marriage with mostly older men. We can accomplish this by setting up organizations that can go to different villages and provide information on how marriage at a young age can have negative effects on the health of young wives. These organizations could even work...

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