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The Dilemma Of Genetically Modified Organisms (Gm Os)

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The practice of creating transgenic organisms has always been a controversial subject. Although there will always be environmentalists and religious groups who will oppose genetic engineering, overall it is accepted throughout the world. Today, scientists have created many ways of genetically modifying animals for various uses.

Scientists have invented ways to change genes in many animals to make them live longer, be healthier, reach sexual maturity faster, and to have higher reproductive yields. Yet a debate that has plagued transgenic research for a long time: are these genetically modified organisms, GMOs, safe if they are released in the wild. Many say no, and in theory, the GM organisms could wipe out there natural species and take over in the environment. In her article “Unleash the Aliens,” Joanna Marchant discusses two research projects that are trying to ensure that there will not be a risk to nature at all. William Muir and Richard Howard at Purdue University run the first project. Muir and Howard have developed a way of detecting any dangerous GM organisms before they are released to the wild. “The technique could do for GMOs what clinical trials do for drugs” (Marchant 16). Taking lab tests and then creating a computer model to test whether any foreign genes would spread into the environment if the GM organism was released. This technique could go a long way in finding any dangers to the environment. Yet this can also hold back the biotech industry. In order to get enough data for the computer model, scientits would have to go through years of research, and a computer model is only as good as what is put into it. If wrong information was placed into the computer then the answers the computer model gives would be wrong. So far Muir and Howard have been able to test there model on fish, bu8t they are sure it will work for other animals and plants as well.

The other project, developed by James Bullock, uses matrix modeling to estimate the consequence if a GM organism actually is released into...

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