The Dimensions Of Team Membership Essay

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Desire for control, tolerance for change, wanting direction, not wanting conflict, getting along with team members and working together towards a common goal are a few of the items that will be discussed in this paper. Knowing your teammates learning style helps to decrease the time it takes to form team norms. Understanding your leadership style in various task and relationship oriented situations and how you handle conflict in are a few other topics discussed. Identifying within all of the mentioned behavior theories assist in developing a high performance team.
Tolerance for Ambiguity
Up until six years ago, my tolerance for change and not being in control was half of what it is today. Life has a funny way taking control and teaching you to be more tolerant and patient. My tolerance of ambiguity score is 48 which is high compared to my classmates, and I find that hard to believe. In a situation where I need to make a decision, I am not tolerant of the unknown or frequent changes in the situation. When I am focused and on task, I become irritated with interruption. Before I start a project, I want all the information in front of me, especially the end goal. Based on the handout given in class, these examples are of a person with high intolerance for ambiguity; so why is my score at the higher end of my classmates? I have not experienced this dimension as it relates to the team or the class assignments, but it will be interesting to see how my need for control will affect my team’s performance, if at all. Looking back to my former job, I can see the different personalities at play and guess who would have scored high and who would have scored low. I always assumed it was a matter of being outgoing, not carrying extra baggage, or the level of individual workload.
Dominant Reactions to Dissonance
According to Webster, dissonance is defined as: inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one’s actions and one’s beliefs (Dissonance, 1983). Cognitive dissonance is the term used to define the experience that may occur when we expect one thing and we something else happens (Bright, 2011). Bion documented three behaviors that occur during dissonance as; (1) dependence, (2) fight-flight, and (3) pairing (Bright, 2011). Dependence in a group is seen as members blaming someone or something else for their awkward feeling and either becoming dysfunctional when the group becomes overly dependent on members, or having a positive outcome if the group comes together and rallies to succeed (Bright, 2011). I experienced both sides of dependence when my former employer made major changes to the leadership of the organization. The leader that was put in place was rarely there and had a separate agenda from the organization. At first a few of us banded together to keep things at status quo, but after a while we gave up and I became emotionally detached from the organization.
Fight-flight behavior is...

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